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Love Does

on March 10, 2017

BobGoff This is Bob.

“Love Does” by Bob Goff is an amazing book!

This book is filled with stories that just amazed me.  The author, Bob, says that this book is about love, the kind of love that Jesus lived.  Based on the stories Bob tells in this book, I would say that it is about love that does miracles!

Each story is very different and surprising.  I was interested in knowing what the next story would involve.  Each story was motivating, and did I say surprising? Yeah, that!

The book also gives some information about Bob’s life.  He does not lead an ordinary life!  His life is in these stories.  Imagine living a life filled with fun, surprises, love, joy, courage, and helping people. 

This is the life Bob lives!

Does Bob make some mistakes in his life? Sure.  He tells about some of them in the book.  But he does not let the mistakes stop him!  He used to be bothered by it as a kid, but not anymore. 

Bob looks past mistakes and jumps into the next adventure!

This is not a book about faith or Jesus, although Bob mentions faith and Jesus in the book.  This is more a book about living a life filled with love!  Bob says that Jesus is looking for us to join Him in loving people, and that we need to stop thinking about life, and get in and participate!  Bob says living the way he does is contagious. 

Bob calls his life whimsical.  That is exactly the word he used.

One of the stories in the book is about a game his family plays called “Bigger and Better” and it starts with a dime.  Then you try to make that dime into something as big and better as you can.  It’s a funny and amazing story you don’t want to miss.

Actually, this book is one you don’t want to miss, because it is fun to read! 

And it’s true!

HaHaHaHaHaHa, He did what?!  LOL No way!  Awesome! 

Don’t believe me? Just read it.

>Click HERE to get Bob’s book.  (I found it at my local library.)

Oh and if you want a more up to date book of such amazing stories —

then get “Love Lives Here“ written by Bob’s wife, Maria Goff. 

It was just published on March 7 and is available now!  I haven’t read it yet, but people say it is full of more new stories about their life together.

Click on THIS to buy Maria’s new book!

LoveLivesHere MariaGoff575752586


Oh and by the way, the Goffs have a charity called “Love Does” that helps kids in Uganda in Africa, and a few other countries.  You can sponsor a kid for as little as $10/month!  Awesome!

Why not >Click IT to donate  $10/month?

>Click MORE to give more and find out more.


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