Following God One Step at a Time

Choosing Beauty

on March 6, 2017


I think the Bible shows us that Jesus saw beauty in everyone!

Looking through Jesus’ eyes, he saw people in a positive way.  To Him, everybody has potential for better.  He did not judge them for their sins or their shabby clothes or their lack of understanding.  The only people he judged were those people like the Pharisees who thought they were better than everyone else.

Taking that attitude from Jesus, we can choose to see beauty in everyone!

Like the woman with the bleeding disorder, who was rejected by everyone because she was seen as unclean.  She was rewarded for her faith.  Jesus took the time to see her and speak to her.  He did not reject her. (>Luke 8:43-48)

Like the woman who gave 2 small coins in the offering plate, who Jesus said gave everything she had.  Even though she was living in poverty, He praised her!  Other people looked down at her, because she was so poor and gave so little.  Jesus saw her as faithful and generous. (>Luke 21:1-4)

When a man with leprosy asked Jesus to make him clean, Jesus touched him.  Touching someone with leprosy was never done in that day.  People with leprosy were avoided.  Jesus touched him and said, “Be clean”, and the man was healed. (>Matthew 8:1-4)

So when we see a young boy all dirty with torn clothes, let us notice his big smile, or his joyful laugh, and smile and wave to him.  Let us see that his shabby clothes and dirty skin is not his fault, and he has the potential to be a nice young man one day.

When we see an old woman, with old clothes, stooped over, shuffling along slowly, we can say hello to her with a smile.  We can say, “Glad you are out enjoying this beautiful day!”  When she was younger, she could have been an energetic, helpful young woman, who just has difficulty walking now.  She may be lonely, and your pleasant greeting could make her day.

The lady at the grocery store checkout, or the boy bagging your groceries, may look grumpy and move slowly.  They might be really tired having already worked for hours.  Thank them for doing a good job, and for being polite.  Then leave by saying, “Have a great rest of your day!”

Everyone has beauty inside them at one time or another.  Maybe when they were younger, or maybe when they get older.  Let’s give people a chance to have a better day.  Encourage them by seeing their potential for beauty. 

Why not choose to see beauty?

When we see beauty in everyone, our day is better too!

boysPlaying action-1807520__340

Looks like fun boys!


bg-blogger-badge-500x500-e1387301563797I used >Bible Gateway for the stories from the Bible.


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