Following God One Step at a Time

Refugees Must Go

on February 27, 2017


There are millions of refugees (both Christians and Muslims) leaving their homes to live in areas unknown to them. 

Just as God told Abraham to leave his home and head to a destination unknown to Abraham.  He only knew that God told him to go. 

Due to wars these millions of refugees have no other option, but to go. 

They do not know where.

God, through dire circumstances, has moved these refugees away from their homes and extended families, to a new place to live.  For Muslims, perhaps it will be a chance to meet Christians in a free country, where they will find Jesus for the first time.  For Christian refugees, perhaps they will be strengthened in their faith, or be able to share Jesus with other refugees along the way. 

Will Christians welcome them? Or will we send them away?

Those refugees that are refused, will have a bitter taste in their mouth for those people who reject them.  Refugees who are welcomed, will want to know more about those people who have given them a safe place to live.  As Christians, what will we do?  Will we show them the love of Jesus?

Jesus said, “Open your eyes and look at the fields!

They are ripe for harvest.” (>John 4:35b

We have an opportunity to show the love of Jesus to these refugees, a field ready to plant with the seeds of caring giving food, shelter, medical care and more.  There could soon be a great harvest of many new followers of Jesus.  It seems that God is saying, “Here is your opportunity, who will help?”

So how can you and I help to welcome refugees?

Some missionaries, churches, and charities are in Europe and the Middle East already helping the refugees.  We can send money to these groups to help them do more for the refugees.  (That is what I am doing. See links below marked with >.


Missionaries in Turkey are helping refugees there, and some have already accepted Jesus as their savior.  >Click HERE to give to Turkey missionaries with

>Click HERE to help Syrian refugees with medical needs. 

>Click HERE to give to the refugee crisis fund at World Vision.

>Click HERE to support MAP International providing medical needs to refugees.

Can’t give money?

>Click HERE to sign up for Amazon’s smile program, and every time you order from Amazon at, a percentage of your order will be donated to the charity you have chosen!  (I use this program.) Some of the charities listed above are on the list, or pick your own favorite.

You can also pray for the refugees to find a safe place to live.

(I am praying for refugees, too.)

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Thank you for helping refugees!


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