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Called For Life

on February 24, 2017


“Called for Life” is the story of Kent and Amber Brantly’s lives.

This book is fascinating!  I find it amazing that Kent and Amber Brantly decided to move to Liberia, a poor country with dirt roads, and very little health care available, despite a number of contagious diseases which are widespread, including tuberculosis, diarrhea diseases, and malaria.  Liberia is also extremely vulnerable to food shortages.

They made the decision because they believed they were called by God to do it.  During their training, Kent as a doctor, and Amber as a nurse, they knew they wanted to at least do short term missionary trips to provide health care to the poor.  They ended up staying in Liberia with their two children for about nine months.

Their story is told from the time of meeting each other, and getting their medical training, getting married, and the births of their two children.  Then their story moves to Liberia, and the complications that arise when Ebola is found in surrounding countries.  Kent ends up with direct responsibility to set up and maintain the hospital’s protocol in Liberia for treating Ebola patients, and for preventing anyone else from getting the disease.  Kent was on the front line fighting this dangerous virus.  Ebola has a 50 – 70% death rate, depending on the treatment received.  Both Kent and Amber showed  great courage.

If you followed the news on Ebola in 2014, you will probably remember seeing a doctor from Liberia being flown to the U.S. for treatment of Ebola.  That doctor was Kent.  He was the first person ever treated in the U.S. for Ebola.  The book tells about his diagnosis in Liberia and early treatment there with little medical equipment or supplies.  They did not have even a stethoscope or IV pump.  Then it tells the story of making arrangements to fly him to the U.S., which was difficult, because Ebola is so contagious.

The difference in the health care Kent received in Liberia, compared to his treatment in the U.S., is astronomical.  Thankfully neither Kent’s wife Amber, nor their children, caught Ebola.

Kent’s generosity did not end with his medical care in Liberia.  After his recovery, he provided several people in the U.S. with his blood, to improve their chances of survival from Ebola with his antibodies. 

Kent wants to use his life to help people in meaningful ways, to thank God for saving his life.  Only God knows where else Kent will be called to work.

Kent and Amber Brantly are an amazing couple, who live a life surrendered to God’s call on their lives.  Their story will amaze and inspire you! 

Kent’s advice to us —

choose compassion over fear for helping people in need.

>Click HERE  to read part of their book.

>Click on THIS to purchase the book, “Called for Life”.


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