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Detours in Your Life

on February 17, 2017


Have you ever been on a detour?

Frustrating right?  Just when you think you’ll get there with some time to spare, there is a detour, and now you are running late. 

And it’s hard to be patient!

You know there are repairs that need to be done, BUT you hate to be late!

This book is like that.  Yeah. Not only is Tony Evans writing about God’s detours that happen, but he has written a book that reads like a detour.  It’s called obviously —


You start out expecting this book to start like gangbusters as some of Tony’s sermons, but it lays a foundation first.  It goes slowly, so we all understand what is a spiritual detour.

Tony Evans quote –“We think that because of our own hookups, human abilities, talent, contacts, or even our own resources – that if we just toss a prayer on top – we can get to where we want to go. … God doesn’t work that way.”

As I kept reading, the book was getting more interesting, and moving along at a good clip.  Then it jumped into turbocharge!  The points were flying by!  I had to pay more attention, and even re-read a few pages to be sure I understood. 

The detour Tony Evans took us on, to lay out the foundation, was a really good idea.  Without the foundation, I would have missed how God works through detours.  I would have missed that we need to involve God in our detours.

What Tony Evans tells us in general, is that detours are good things when you bring God into your plans, into your problems, and into your daily life.  It is true that detours are no fun, but without the foundation, the structure, and the development of the plans, the outcome would fail. 

If you want God’s plan for your life to be successful, then you have to be willing to take some detours.

This new book “Detours” by Tony Evans tells you how to involve God in your life plans and problems, how to recognize detours, and how to patiently walk through the detours knowing that God has a great outcome planned.

>Click here  if you want to get your hands on a copy of “Detours”.

>Click here  to read part of the book by Tony Evans by clicking the book cover.

Jump on the website!  You will find more of Tony Evans’ teachings and background.

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I did receive a free copy of this book from B&H Books, so I could write an honest review of the book.  Hopefully you just read my review, so click on the links above and find you a copy to read!

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