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My Heart

on January 27, 2017


Julie Manning lived a normal life with her husband and young son.  She had gone back to school to become a nurse, and was working with children who had heart problems.

Then on the day she was to give birth to their second son, her life changed.  She found out that she had a very dangerous health condition – heart failure.  Her life and her family’s lives all changed on that day.

What is amazing is that this story is real.  This book reads like a drama, an intense fictional story, but it is a true story.  Julie Manning is living this story.

Reading this book is an awesome experience.  I feel like I did not breathe the whole time I was reading it.  It was hard to put down.  Julie tells her story so well, with so much honesty and emotion, that you can’t help but feel like a close friend worrying for her.

Not only does Julie accept her heart condition, but she lives it with courage and an amazing faith in God.  She does not close herself up in her house out of fear, no she bravely goes about living her life, and being a wife and mother.   I do not know how she can express herself with such calm focus.  I would not have been surprised if she was weeping out of grief, and screaming with fear or anger, and yelling at God, but she does none of those things.

Julie calmly picks up a pen and begins to journal her experiences, and to write letters to her two sons.  She shares some of these journal entries, and letters with us, so we can hear her thoughts about faith and purpose in God.  We hear her love for her sons, and her hopes for them.  I have never heard anyone express these thoughts before.  I never even thought of asking for these things that she is hoping and praying for her boys.  I cannot help but wish I knew her, but at least I learn a lot about her as she tells her story in this book.

I cannot say this to you strongly enough.  You really need to read this book I think it is urgent that you read this book.  Really, this book has the potential to change your life, and the lives of your current or future spouse and children for the better, so much better!  All you have to do is read this book, and use her life as an example of what your life could be.  You can have a life filled with love, hope, and purpose.  Yes you can!  Julie tells you how she does it.

I truly believe that if you read this book, and really listen to what Julie is saying to her sons, and to you, this book will knock your breath away!  This book could change the way you look at your daily life, and your relationship with your family, and with God.  Yes, this book is written that well.  Yes, this book contains an amazing true story, told with extreme honesty and vulnerability.

Julie Manning, I give you a standing ovation!  Your life is a role model for us.  I feel that in my life I missed so much love and purpose that could have been there if I had only known it was possible. 

I hope and pray that you younger women will read about Julie’s life, so you have the chance to know what your life can be, and be encouraged and inspired, to cultivate it in your own life. 

This book will astonish you!  This book will knock your socks off!

Just order this book, >Click HERE!   It will be available to ship on February 1, 2017.

On Amazon read part of the book now >Click HERE.

You can buy this book in book stores beginning February 1, 2017.

If you buy the book before February 28, 2017, you can submit a copy of your receipt to receive a special reward – a FREE prayer journal from Julie.  To submit your receipt >Click HERE, then click “Redeem Today” at the top of the My Heart website page.

Find out more about Julie’s life and the book, at her website >


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