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A Day For Freedom and Equality

on January 16, 2017


Today, Monday, January 16 is a national holiday – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day.

It takes courage to do what is right, even when most people do nothing.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man with courage.  He fought for freedom and equality for all Americans.  He died because he spoke up for what was right.

Today, my husband and I put out our U.S. flag in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and in honor of President Obama.  Without the first, in all likelihood, the second would not be the President.

In addition to courage, Martin Luther King Jr., was a man of hope.  He never gave up hoping for a better tomorrow.  He was a Baptist minister, and earned a PhD in theology, so he knew that Jesus Christ was and is our best hope for a better tomorrow.  He followed the example of Jesus to be peace loving.

It is amazing that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, did his protests without guns, without weapons.  Unfortunately he was often met with weapons by opposition and police.  Today, we all have the right to peaceful protest.  The police often protect protesters to give them the right to peacefully express their views. 

Unfortunately, what starts out peaceful, can end up violent.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was murdered by a man with a gun.  He gave his life protecting our country’s freedoms.  I believe he is due honor for that.

I hope you enjoy this national holiday, MLK Day.  Many of you have today off.  Please take a moment to pray for Martin Luther King Jr.’s family, and for men like him, like President Obama.  Courageous men.  Hopeful men.  Thank them for standing up for the freedom and equality of all people in our great country. Ask God to bless the United States of America with peace and hope for equality for all Americans.

Quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Every man from a treble white to a bass black is significant on God’s keyboard, precisely because every man is made in the Image of God. One day we will learn that.”

President Obama has said, “If we aren’t willing to pay a price for our values then we should ask ourselves whether we truly believe in them at all.” 

For Sunday January 15, 2017, Scott Sauls, pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church (a mostly white congregation in Nashville) invited the congregation of New Livingstone Church (an African-American church in Nashville) to attend their unity church service on the day before Martin Luther King Day.  New Livingstone’s minister, Pastor Ronnie Mitchell, gave the sermon. 

You can listen to his sermon here  (The intro is long.  His sermon starts about 15:00)

The original blog post about the unity service by Scott Sauls can be read here.


2 responses to “A Day For Freedom and Equality

  1. Dawn Boyer says:

    My students and I are reading his “I Have a Dream” speech this week for our American Literature assignment. I am so excited for them to both read it and listen to the original version as he gave the speech. You are right, the ways that he led others to stand up for what they believed in peacefully was and still are so important to remember.


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