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The Rest of Your Week

on January 13, 2017


Mark Buchanan says that as a writer and speaker, his job is to remind us of the truth.

In his book “The Rest of God”, he is reminding us of the truth that God created Sabbath for us.  Sabbath gives us a chunk of time and space to rest in, so we can arise stronger and more clear-minded. 

Do you think Sabbath is not something you need?

The author wrote this book, because his life was like a spinning top.  He was exhausted, but was not really accomplishing anything.  He went weeks without even 1 day off.  He was irritable, argumentative, and gloomy.

He finally remembered that Sabbath rest was the thing he had been forgetting.  Sabbath was something he was not taking the time to do.  He remembered that Sabbath rest is healing.  God invites us to find rest in Him, and remember Him. 

“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10a)

If your life is too busy, too exhausting, too crazy, Sabbath can be a solution, not just another appointment.  Sabbath can be a catalyst for change to a better life.  It starts with a decision to take time for Sabbath each week.  It yields a changed attitude.  That progresses to a changed heart.  Soon you will see changes in your priorities, your schedule, and in your thoughts.  Your mood will improve.  You will be more fun to be around. 

This book will show you the benefits of Sabbath, and the depths of God’s love for us.  The last couple chapters of this book had me in tears.  These were good tears.  These were tears of recognition that God really does love us, and tears of hope for a better way to live.  This truly is an awesome book.  Mark Buchanan reminds us of the essential truth that because God loves us, He gave us the gift of Sabbath. 

Will you accept God’s gift?

If you have no idea how to find time for Sabbath, then I would like to suggest another book — “Rhythms of Rest” by Shelly Miller.  Shelly shows how you can find time for Sabbath in smaller chunks.  If you are a working mom, or you have kids that need to be driven to many activities, or you work weekends, Shelly can help you find Sabbath time in just an hour.  Her book gives many examples of how other women practice Sabbath by making even a small amount of time, restful and rejuvenating.  Gradually you will be able to, and want to, bring more time into your Sabbath.

We all know that our culture’s idea of rest is a weekend, but our weekends are even busier than the rest of the week.  So for rest we go on a vacation.  How many vacations have you taken that leave you feeling rested?  If you are like me, most vacations leave you more exhausted than before.

God’s solution of Sabbath brings real rest.  God offers a time of refuge.  Sabbath lets us find a deep peace, one that will carry over into the rest of our week.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Isn’t that what we all want?  

To read a portion of these books, or to purchase either one, click on these links:

 “The Rest of God” by Mark Buchanan.    “Rhythms of Rest” by Shelly Miller.

To find out more about Shelly Miller’s book, “Rhythms of Rest”, click HERE.



2 responses to “The Rest of Your Week

  1. sandraj2015 says:

    Enjoyed a visit to your blog today! You have recommended two of my favorite reads for 2016 – both have changed my view of rest and Sabbath. Blessings!


    • So glad you came for a visit! Yeah these 2 books are great! I read “Rhythms of Rest” first. Shelly Miller suggested Mark Buchanan’s book, and she was right, it is awesome! I just had to write a review on both of them.


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