Following God One Step at a Time

Change My Attitude

on January 9, 2017


I have not been looking forward to this new year of 2017.  In fact I have been dreading it.  I am trying to adjust my attitude, but I feel like Meryl Streep evidently.

I accidentally caught the part of the Golden Globe ceremony where Meryl Streep is being introduced for her Cecil B DeMille Award.  So I sat down to hear her acceptance speech, since I love her as an actress.  I was riveted by her speech.  She gave shout outs to many other actors and actresses, showing that many came from poor backgrounds.  When she mentions the performance of Donald Trump mocking the disabled reporter, I was in tears.  Even if you voted for Donald Trump, you hopefully agree that was a big mistake that he made.

I am so glad I caught Meryl’s speech!  I give her well-deserved applause!  She is one of the best actresses in history.  She also is a compassionate person.  There are many of us, including Meryl Streep, who are unhappy about Donald Trump soon to be our new President.  I really feel the pain and disappointment that Meryl conveyed in her speech. 

Like it or not, Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress will take office, and they plan to change many of the United States’ current laws and policies.  It is scary not knowing what changes they will make.  Many of the changes will likely affect the financial situation and health for me and many people across the country.  The changes could even affect many people’s safety.

But as I said, I am trying to change my attitude. 

So this weekend I appreciated the sermon the minister gave at church.  He said, “Never give up on God.”  Simple statement, but it makes a huge difference in attitude!  This simple statement draws us to pray, to trust God, to hope for the future. 

The minister further said that even when we are not faithful to God, He still loves us.  God has not given up on us.  So no matter what happens this year, or over the next several years, we can keep praying, keep hoping. 

We can press forward, not look backward.  We can treat people with respect.  We can protect people being bullied.  We can donate to charities.  We can speak up for the disabled.  We can provide safe places for the vulnerable children and women being abused or belittled. 

We can try our best to reflect Jesus to the people around us. 

So it is worth repeating good advice. 

“Never give up on God, because He hasn’t given up on us.”




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