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Have Fears You Want to Kick?

on January 6, 2017

karate-kick I’ve got just the thing to help! –>

I just finished reading a new book –> “Fear Fighting” by Kelly Balarie!

 This is a book on how to fight your fears.


Kelly does a great job showing us ways to combat fear!

In the book, Kelly talks about 8 things that cause fear, and how to fight them.  These include control issues, wanting to please people, worry, rejection, and past failures.  Just reading this partial list brings up fear!  So Yeah, we all need this book on how to fight fear.

Kelly is genuine.  She really wants to help women fight fear, and she wants to obey God.  That is why she wrote this book!

In the book, Kelly says that you find the strength inside you, if you ask God to help.  She also says to tell the truth, don’t fear it! Don’t wallow in lies. 

Another weapon to fight fear is prayer.  Don’t groan.  Prayer is powerful!  I pray every morning, and then when I need it during the day.  Don’t bypass this 1st step in the morning – wake up and pray!

Kelly also reveals ways to awaken your courage!   

We all have courage sleeping inside of us.  We just need the keys to wake it up.  You will find your courage by reading this book, and following Kelly’s advice.

Ok let me give you an example from the book –>  

Worry is all about fear, and we all worry!  So how do you fight worry? 

Kelly gives you 7 ways to fight worry, and find calm!!

#1 is when you open your eyes in the morning, start by talking to God.  Say, “God you are good.  I will trust you today. I give my all to you.” That’s just the first worry fighter. 

Kelly lists all 7 ways to fight worry in the book.

What really surprised me, was at the end of the book!  –>

–Kelly suggests that all of us women fighting fear, including herself, should unite to encourage each other and share success stories.  And she gives us > a website to do that!  So cool!

–Another surprise at the end of the book is a small group study.  So many authors write this in a separate book, but Kelly includes it!  This is a great way to work on those keys to waken your courage, and fight your fears.  If you don’t have a small group, you can certainly do the study by yourself.  You can find other people who have read the book by using > #FearFightingBook on Twitter and Facebook.

To read part of the book, or to purchase, click  –>HERE.

I did receive a free copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group, so I could write a very honest review.



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