Following God One Step at a Time

A Christmas Opportunity

on December 5, 2016


 It is December once again. This is the season we look forward to each year. 

The season of Christmas!

This gives us a great opportunity to talk about Jesus!  People are more willing to talk about Jesus, because He is the reason for the season.  Even people who don’t believe in Jesus know that Christmas is about his birth.  So use this opportunity and talk about Jesus to people around you.

You can do a favor for someone and tell them you did it because Jesus is the reason for the season.  You can give a mug to friends and neighbors that says “Jesus is the reason”.  You could wear a pin that says “Jesus is the reason”.

Even if Jesus has not played a big part this year so far, you can choose to use the season of Christmas to bring more “Christ” into your life.  Christmas means a celebration of Christ!  So let us celebrate Jesus Christ all of December!

So how can we celebrate Christ?

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is to have a joyful attitude.  Greet people with a smile.  Thank people for even little things.  Let others go ahead of you in line.  And then say “Merry Christmas”.  This makes every little thing you do, a Christmas gift.

Many of us get together with family to eat a big meal and talk, maybe exchange gifts, or sing Christmas carols.  So maybe you can have a smaller gathering of neighbors or friends earlier in December to eat snack foods or dessert and talk, and maybe sing Christmas carols.  It is even fun to just sing Christmas carols at home.  Christmas songs always cheer me up.

A lot of us put up a tree and decorate it.  Maybe this year we could also put up an outdoor nativity scene, or a lighted star above the garage door or hung on a tree.  To celebrate the rest of the year, consider putting a cross either above or next to your front door. 

Would you share (in comments below) a favorite way you celebrate Christmas?

Click here to sing “Joy to the World” with lyrics and music!

Click here to get a “Jesus is the Reason” mug for Christmas giving!

(I found this mug at Cracker Barrel.)

Thank you for visiting my blog today.  You made me smile!

Merry Christmas!



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