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Finding Your Voice

on December 2, 2016


“Finding Your Voice” by Natalie Grant Book Review —

This is a good book, and it is a great topic for Natalie Grant, since she has worked at it both in her singing career, and in her spiritual life motivating her career.  Because of the content of the book concerning choosing a career that fits you best, and about taking care of your body with good food and sufficient sleep, I think this book would be better suited to the YA audience, for high school students, and maybe college students, rather than for adults.

I certainly can find useful information in this book, but since the book is mostly about finding what God wants you to do with your life, and doing that, it would seem to be most useful to people who have not already picked a career.

Her theme throughout the book is that life lived with God is better than trying to do it alone.  Our actions should be motivated by the Spirit, not our own selfish desires.  This is what Natalie has been doing in her life.  She picks songs to sing that are about truth and holy inspiration.  It is this inspiration that led her to start the organization   – “Hope for Justice”, that fights human trafficking.  Also her album “Awaken” was part of this inspiration, about awakening to the Holy Spirit and God’s direction.

Click to listen to some songs from her CD “Awaken”  or to purchase CD.

In general Natalie says that Jesus tells us to do what God wants done, not seek money or fame.  Jesus also tells us to worship God and serve Him only.  It is tempting to protect ourselves and wall ourselves away from troubles in the world, but we should strive to be compassionate.  There is hope in keeping God first in our life.

Natalie gives good advice in this book.  I definitely want to listen to her album “Awaken” that she mentions in the book.  I am not familiar with her music, so it should be enjoyable to hear some of it.  I would think anyone who is a fan of her music would enjoy this book, especially youth and young adults.

For more information on the book or to purchase, click here “Finding Your Voice”.

I received a free copy of “Finding Your Voice” from BookLook Bloggers so that I could write an honest review after reading the book.  I so appreciate the opportunity to read this book.

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