Following God One Step at a Time


on November 25, 2016

Well Thanksgiving is over,    thanksgiving-food

but most of us are either shopping the great sales or eating lots of leftovers.  One thing we need to add to that agenda is thankfulness, but not just counting our blessings.  Before you spend all your money shopping, you can send some of your money to a good cause.

Great causes to give to during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend are food pantries, or you could sponsor a child in another country.  If you have been blessed to have an abundance of food for the holiday, you can share that abundance with others.  Food pantries give food to families that don’t have enough money to buy all the food they need.  Sponsoring a child helps by supplying food, clothes, schooling, and sometimes even a place to live.

My husband and I sponsor children in Haiti, Guatemala, and Zimbabwe.  I will share some of those links below so you can consider sponsoring a child in one of those countries.  We also give to our local food pantry run by our church.  If your church does not have a food pantry, most likely there is a food pantry nearby.  Find links below.

I hope you will decide to share some food with others through at least one of these charities:

Second Harvest Food Bank in FL

To find a food pantry near you

Life of Hope (Guatemala)  To sponsor a child, Click

Jeremie Christian Mission (Haiti) Click for information    Or to sponsor a child, send a check for $30 monthly to their U.S. office at P.O. Box 273 Scottsmoor, FL 32775  If you send them a note that you want to sponsor a child, they will send you a picture of one of their sweet children.

Hippo Valley Christian Mission (Zimbabwe)  To sponsor a child

Thank you for sharing food with those who do not have enough!


If you are planning to start Advent soon, I suggest this book –

AnnV Unwrapping

“Unwrapping the Greatest Gift” by Ann Voskamp.  It is my favorite book to read during Advent.  It is written so the whole family can enjoy it.  It has beautiful colored pictures for each day’s thoughts as you prepare for the meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ our Savior. Click to see it or to purchase.

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend friends!



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