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Seize the Day

on November 18, 2016


Seize the Day” by Joyce Meyer.

This is the newest of Joyce Meyer’s many books.  I have really enjoyed it!  I highlighted many of the sections in my copy.  I requested to review it, because it fits in with my One Word for 2016 “Re-focus”.  It is all about living your life on purpose for a purpose.  Sounds really good, right?

Joyce starts out asking questions like “Are you steadily becoming the person you really want to be?” Now that is a question I haven’t thought much about before.  But Joyce says we should be purposely living so that we do become the person we want to be.  She calls it being an “on purpose” person.  According to Joyce, you don’t want to just drift through the days of your life.  It is too precious.  Your life is a gift from God, and He gave you free will so you could make choices about how to live your life.  You don’t want a lot of regrets.

Having free will is a big responsibility.  We should take it seriously.  We can choose to do God’s will and He will be glorified.  Or we can choose badly and fall into one of the devil’s traps.  We can make each day count by planning priorities for the day, or we can wander through the day wasting our time.  Whatever we choose, we will deal with the results. 

Sometimes we have the desire to do something good, but we don’t have a plan.  Or maybe we are afraid to do it.  Or maybe we don’t feel motivated to do it.  Joyce says we need to ask God for help, every day.  She says that most failures are because the person did not ask God for help!

I realized that although I pray every morning, I don’t ask God to help me accomplish what I want to do.  I don’t ask God what I should do.  I have been trying to do everything by my own willpower and planning, and Joyce says that does not work! 

So I began this week, to ask God to help me do the things I want to do, and the things I need to do.  I have also begun to ask Him, “What should I do today”?  I am still getting the hang of it.  But I noticed that I got more done, and I felt more satisfied with my day.  So asking God for help seems to work.  Maybe you should try it!

I really like how Joyce explains the nitty gritty of living on purpose.  She tells how to do it, the advantages of doing it, and the consequences of not doing it.  If you have read any of Joyce’s books before, you know she uses examples from her own life.  Joyce lives on purpose now, but she didn’t always do that!  We can really learn from her experience.

If you want to read “Seize the Day”, click here.

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I received a free copy of “Seize the Day” from the publisher, through NetGalley.  All I promise is to read the book, and write an honest review.  Thanks for reading my review!

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