Following God One Step at a Time

Have You Wandered Away?

on November 7, 2016


Sometimes we are on a path toward a goal, and then somehow we wander away from it.

Sometimes we feel close to God, and then we wander away, and wonder if He is still there.

There are times we have a pattern we follow in our daily habits, yet somehow we wander away from some of those habits, and suddenly we wonder why we aren’t doing that anymore.

We can wander away from friendships, family members, a savings plan, or celebrating a special holiday.  We might get busy with other things, or our priorities change, or it starts to be a burden instead of helpful.  There are lots of reasons why we wander.

When we wander, it could be because something didn’t work out as well as we hoped.  In those cases, wandering can be showing us something needs to change.  But there are important things that we really don’t want to wander away from, for those things we need to get back on track. 

Realizing we have wandered away from something important, is the time to take action.

For my health I knew I needed to start exercising.  I started out going to a gym three times each week.  One of the classes was just too hard for me, so I gradually stopped going to it.  Suddenly I noticed that I was only working out at the gym twice each week.  When I noticed that, I asked myself why.  I realized that the one class was not working for me, and it was draining my energy, so I decided to let that go.  So then I did another class one day, and working out on the machines the other day.  I was really struggling with some of the machines.  They were causing me pain, and some were difficult to set up.  Gradually I was leaving out some machines, so even though I was going to the gym, I was not working out long enough.  Once again I had to evaluate why I had wandered away from my work out plan.  I realized that some of the machines were not going to work for me, but I needed to get more exercise.  What I did was change gyms.  I switched to Curves, because I can do those machines without causing pain, and they have a class I enjoy.  Now I am back to work outs twice each week, and they have a stretching apparatus, so I get stretches that I never did at the other gym.  My body really needs those stretches.  Now I am happy with my exercise plan.  I feel better and have lost some inches!

Many times in our busy lives we wander away from something very important, like God. 

We might start skipping church some weekends because of being too busy or too tired.  We might drop out of a small group or Bible study because we don’t get along with some of the people in the group.  These little wanderings can end up taking us far from God over time.  We may realize we aren’t praying as much.  We might even start to think that we don’t need God.  Watch out!  Your relationship with God is too important to let that stand. 

If you find you have wandered far from God, you need to make some changes! 

You could start by getting back to worship service every weekend.  Put some prayer time in your calendar, even if it is just 10 minutes each day.  If you can’t find a group you like, you can find a Bible study online, or do a Bible study with a friend, or by yourself.  I have done several Bible studies by myself or online. does Bible studies online that I have enjoyed.

When you wander away from something, it is important to see what the cause is. What have you stopped doing? What have you wandered away from gradually over time?  Is it something that you can let go?  Or is it something you really need to get back to now? 

Don’t wait, make the changes you need to get back on track!


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