Following God One Step at a Time

This is the Day

on October 31, 2016

“This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Do you recognize this song?  It’s simple and easy to remember.  I sing it in the morning sometimes when I get up.  It makes me feel more positive about the day.  It also reminds me that this day and every day is brought to us by God.  He has a plan.  Now we must decide if we will follow Him this day.

God gives us each day, and gives us free will to spend the day as we choose.

What time will you get up?  Will you get up early enough to pray before you start the day?  Will you exercise in the morning, or maybe later in the day?  Will you eat breakfast?  What will you eat?  How will you greet the day?  Will you be grumpy?  Will you be hopeful?  Will you plan to do something nice for a neighbor or co-worker?  These types of questions go through my mind most mornings.  There are some days when I am just too tired and achy to think clearly.  On those days I sleep late, but then I spend the rest of my day catching up.

I am trying to start each day with a plan, so I can get more of the important things done.  I set a time to get up.  Spend 20 minutes stretching and praying.  (Sometimes I get up late and am so hungry I skip the 20 minutes, but I notice later that I am not feeling as well, and not as positive about the day.)  Next I eat breakfast.  I have about the same thing every day, so I don’t even have to think about what to make.

After breakfast I may read some news if I have time, then I wash up and get dressed, ready to start my day.  Depending on the day, I have different plans.  Some days I work on my blog, or write a grocery list if I plan to shop later in the day.  Some days I go to the gym.  It helps if I decide my plans before I get up, but sometimes I am not that organized.  I am working on that.

Although I spend part of my morning in prayer, I realize that my days are not as mindful of God as they should be.  I have started reading a new book “Seize the Day” by Joyce Meyer.  She says we need to ask for God’s guidance for the day.  It makes sense to ask God what plans He might have for the day.  She suggests we should be flexible enough with our plans to allow for important interruptions that just might be God delivered.  These types of interruptions could involve helping someone with a task, or giving advice, or encouraging someone.  There are countless ways that interruptions can be time well spent.  We do need to determine when an interruption is just a distraction from working on an important planned task.

One of the distractions that I am trying to minimize is Facebook.  For you it might be Pinterest, or texting friends.  It is important to minimize time wasters.  One way I am trying is taking a 15-minute break to enjoy a time waster, but reducing the time wasted.

Once again I find myself trying to re-focus my life on what is important, and making God my first priority.  I struggle with this, but at least I am making some progress, and find myself more interested in each day and what I can do with it.  Getting more things done that are useful is a good motivation to get up each morning. 

–>Greeting God in the morning, whether it is with a song or prayer, points my day in a better direction. 

Questions to ponder —  What do you do to get your day on the right track?  Do you have troublesome time wasters you need to minimize?  Do you feel that your days are productive enough?  What project are you wanting to work on, but just can’t seem to find time for?

If you want to look at Joyce Meyer’s book “Seize the Day“, click on it.

Here is a great tip from Beth Moore about God.




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