Following God One Step at a Time

Juggling Elephants

on October 28, 2016


I don’t know if there is anything harder to do than juggle elephants!

No this book won’t teach you how to juggle elephants, but it will tell you how to juggle all the different parts of your life.  This book explains how to re-focus our lives.  My “One Word” for this year is “re-focus”.  It has been a year of wandering away from my purpose and priorities, and then pulling myself back on track.  This book makes this process easier and more fun!

Have you ever thought that your life was as crazy as a 3-ring circus?  I know I have.  The authors of “Juggling Elephants”, tell a story about the circus to give us a method of re-focusing our life, putting our priorities first, delegating some tasks, and leading it all so our “circus” life runs much more smoothly, and you feel happier with your life.

It might seem crazy to think of a circus to make more sense of your life.  But really, using the circus as a guide, not only can help you make more sense of your life, but you will have more fun doing it!  You really have nothing to lose, because this is a very short book, and the points are made by looking at how a circus is run.  So even if you don’t use the steps given in this book, you will find the book entertaining.

I think it is a hilariously funny way to actually make life work better. 

I have had arguments, frustration, confusion, the last straw, and still I did not get my life as orderly as I wanted.  Now I can use the points in this book to get my life more orderly, and have fun too!  There are two people in the book who use the technique, so you get two examples of how to use the circus template in your life.  Much of this technique is up to you to make it work in your own life.  Take that as a challenge. 

Do you remember ever being at a circus? 

I remember so many things going on at the same time, that I couldn’t see it all.  I remember laughing a lot, and being relieved when no one was injured.  Everyone, performers and audience members, all seemed to be having fun.  The acts went on and off their ringed stages smoothly, and sometimes with clowns in between to make us all laugh.  There were animals that were dangerous (elephants and tigers), and others that were funny (tiny dogs or monkeys).  A circus really does make a good metaphor for life.

I have read other books about organizing or prioritizing my life, but none of them were as interesting, nor as fun as “Juggling Elephants”. 

I decided to review this book, because it has such a simple technique to re-focus your life.  I was impressed at how much such a short book covers.  Since I bought my copy at a library book sale, I paid only a quarter for it.  I have no obligation to review it, I just thought you would be interested in reading it yourself.

It is available at Amazon.  Enjoy!


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