Following God One Step at a Time


on October 24, 2016


In this world there are many distractions.

There are people with their own interests, trying to get your attention (and your money).  There are people selling products they are trying to convince you that you need to buy.  There are internet games, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Social media help us stay connected to people and help us learn new things, which is fun and useful, but it eats up a lot of our time.  These distractions pull our attention away from our own life.

Have you gotten on Facebook or played an internet game, and when you look at the clock, several hours are gone?

How do we find our own space?  How do we find time to spend on our own priorities and interests?  How do we support and encourage our close family and friends?  How do we get our work done? How do we keep enough money for our needs?

Some people are taking a break from technology for one day each week. 

That means no cell phone, no computer, no internet.  I have decided to try this, too.  It could give me some quiet time to think about what’s important.  I could spend more time with family.  I could spend time with God.  I could read a book that I have wanted to read.  I could sit in a park, and enjoy the relaxation of nature.  I love watching the birds at the lake in a nearby park!

There is freedom in letting go of distractions, even for just one day each week.

What distractions eat up your time?

What would you be eager to do for one day of freedom each week?

Freedom?  Yes, freedom from distractions pulling you in different directions.  Freedom from the noise of online videos.  Freedom from somebody else’s “to do” list.  You choose how to spend your day without technology.  Would you like to listen to music you enjoy?  Would you like to go fishing?  Go to a park for a hike?  Go swimming? Take your kids to a playground?  Go on a date?  There are so many options that get lost when we lose our time to distractions. 

What have you been missing?

How about it? Do you want to try taking a one day break from technology?  You might be surprised to find you have more energy and more fun!  You might even look forward to the day each week. 

Make plans for how you want to spend your day of freedom!

What got me thinking about taking a technology break, was a book I just read — Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller. This book uses a day of freedom from distractions in a Christian perspective.  Find out more here! 

If you want more information about taking a technology break, check this out!


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