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Living While Dying

on October 21, 2016

This is my honest opinion about the book “Living While Dying” by Donna Tarrant.

I applaud the purpose of writing this book, to help other people with a terminal diagnosis.  The author tells her own story dealing with terminal cancer.  In her case, she could live while being treated for the cancer for an uncertain number of years.  She decided to fight as long as she could.

The author, Donna, partnered with God in fighting the cancer.  She put her trust and faith in Him.  She depended on God to tell her how to live, while knowing that she is dying.  Most people could certainly understand that this would be very difficult to do.

I understand what she was facing, as I too had a diagnosis that I was dying of cancer. 

I too turned to God, in prayer, and I am now cancer free.  I first went through years of treatments, not knowing if I would live or die.  So I understand the author’s difficulties.  However, I found much of the book to be repetitive, with lots of information not relevant to dealing with her diagnosis.  Each chapter was about a memory of a specific time in her life, but these memories were not in any order that I could determine.  She jumped about from one time to another.  She does describe her treatments in detail, which could be helpful to others with cancer.

Luckily the last few chapters in the book were reflective, as she looked back over her life so far.  She spoke more about her perspective and lessons learned.  This part of the book, I thoroughly enjoyed!  She says that she cherishes each tomorrow given to her.  They give her gladness and a desire to use each day as a gift.  She refuses to worry about how much time she has left.  I could certainly relate to that. 

So I would suggest that if the first half of the book seems repetitive or boring, don’t just stop reading the book, but jump ahead to the last couple chapters.  You don’t want to miss those.  No matter how much of the book you read, you are likely to at least appreciate how difficult this life with cancer has been for the author.  Perhaps you will even be moved to pray for her.  Hopefully this book will be useful to people who either have a friend or relative dealing with a terminal diagnosis, or they have been given that diagnosis themselves.  The author, Donna, certainly had a good reason to write this book.  I think she made the right decision to write it.  

Should you want to read this book, you can purchase it at Amazon or Westbow Press.

I did receive a free copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers, in order to write an honest review.

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