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Majority Wins

on October 17, 2016

Isn’t it fun to be part of the in-crowd? 

It is exciting to work for a good company that is giving their employees raises.  It is great to vote for the person who wins.  We all feel safer when we find a good neighborhood to live in.  We enjoy belonging to a nice church that we feel comfortable in.  We are happy when we have good food to eat.  We love life when we have friends and family to share it with!

The problem is there are many people who don’t have these things.  They don’t get raises.  They may not even have a decent job.  Many people don’t have much food to eat, and often go hungry.  Lots of people don’t attend any church.  There are many unsafe neighborhoods where families still live.  In fact, looking at the world, these people, the have-nots, are actually in the majority.  They may not feel like winners.  They may not have much hope. 

These have-nots don’t have the money to help each other.  They need people with money to help them. The people with most of the money are actually in the minority.  That is why in the United States, we have government programs, paid for through our taxes, to help these have-not people.  We have Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, free public schools, and more.  Some people want to get rid of these programs, but what will the poor and the sick do then? 

In countries that do not have these government programs, there are people including children, begging on the streets, because they have no food.  There are small “towns” living in actual garbage dumps, building shacks from scraps in order to have some shelter from the weather.  Many countries have elderly people dying in the streets, because they have no friends or family to take care of them.  Thousands of people have no medical care, so they live with poor eyesight or even blindness, rotten teeth, infected wounds, parasites that destroy their health, and many other health problems.  Millions of people from children to adults are uneducated because their family could not afford to pay for school, so they remain illiterate.

Is that what we want in the United States? 

Of course not!  Yet so many people, even the super-rich, try to avoid paying taxes.  So many voters want to eliminate many of our government programs because they “cost too much”.  But what is the result of that? Would we have mass poverty like in India, Haiti, or parts of Africa? Churches can help some people with food and building shelter and starting new churches, but churches cannot provide health care and free schools.  At most they provide a mobile health clinic once each year or two, and after school  Bible groups or vacation Bible school.  That really is just not enough.  We need good government programs.

Jesus did not need winning majorities or the rich.  He came to help the have-nots. He came to teach us to love one another and work together to help the poor.  He saved us all, anyone who believes in Him as the Son of God.  Yet if Jesus ran for President today, He would lose!  He is not part of the majority.  Yet Jesus treated women and children with care and respect.  He treated the poor as important. Who can we expect to continue to provide for those that Jesus loved?  

The United States has been the example for other countries, as a country that cares for all its people and helps the poor.  Please think about that before you vote this year for President and for Congress.  We need government representatives who are caring, intelligent, respectful of all people, and have experience with government and government programs. 

Please vote for representatives that reflect most of your concerns.  I am thinking and praying and researching before I vote.  We won’t find perfect people to vote for, but at least we can choose the best of who is in the running.  Pick the best.  That is what we deserve, and that is what the world deserves, as we continue to work with most countries all over the world.  God help us to vote for the best.

May God bless all who are elected this November with wisdom and caring hearts.


2 responses to “Majority Wins

  1. allycarter1 says:

    I live in England, and we’ve recently seen how much difference what you vote for can make. The problem in all countries I think is to try and see the truth through the lies.


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