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Live Free From Shame

on October 14, 2016

The new book “Unashamed” by Christine Caine is a very valuable book.

 In this book, Christine shows us that everyone has some shame from their past.  Many people, including me, do not recognize the shame, because they ignore it, or call it by a different name.  Once Christine tells us about our shame that is lurking in our minds, then she tells us how to deal with that shame and move past it through our relationship with Jesus Christ.

This book was a defining moment for Christine.  Writing it, she had to face all her shame.  It was not an easy book for her to write.  If you know any of Christine’s story, you know she has shame from being born in a hospital and left there unnamed, and from sexual abuse as a child, and feeling she was a disappointment to her adoptive family.  Because of how far she has come past her shame, she knew it was important for her to write “Unashamed”.  She now helps the sex trafficked victims she saves from slavery through her charity “A21”, to get past their shame to freedom and healing.

I took part in the first online Bible study of “Unashamed”, and I read comments from others who said realizing they had so much shame was a shock, but that the book and study guide helped them to deal with that shame.  I was surprised to find that I had shame from the past, too.  Many participants in the study were so grateful for Christine acknowledging what they went through, and how deep the shame was that kept them held back from succeeding in their life.  Everyone in that study was very grateful that Christine wrote the book, and even more grateful for being given the chance to do the study.

In the book, Christine says “Shame makes us feel small. Flawed. Not good enough…. Shame is the fear of being unworthy, and it adversely affects our relationship with God, ourselves, and others.”  She asks, “Do you struggle with the fear that you are not enough? Are you afraid to let your true self be seen and known? Are you always trying to gain approval?  Trying to prove you are valuable and worthy to be loved?” These are symptoms of shame! 

If you have any of these symptoms, or suspect you struggle with shame, I highly recommend you read Christine’s book “Unashamed”.  There also is a video study with a study guide available.  Her book refers to this Scripture as explanation of the purpose of her book–

Galatians 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

God did not create us to live with shame.  We are meant to live free in His love.

If you want to purchase or learn more about Christine’s book Unashamed, click HERE.

If you want to look at the study guide, go HERE.  (The study guide is meant to be used with the 5 session DVD, which is sold separately.)

To show you how far Christine has come, and to get a glimpse of how big her heart is –


To find out more or to donate, click HERE.


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