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Rhythms of Rest

on October 3, 2016



Shelly Miller is the founder and leader of the “Sabbath Society”, a group of mostly women, wanting to have a day of rest each week.  These are people seeking relief from their busy lives, and deciding to begin practicing Sabbath, a day of rest. I joined this group a couple years ago.

Through “Sabbath Society” Shelly has been helping me wrestle with the many competing tasks in my schedule, to find a way to keep 1 day a week, separate from the other 6 busy days.  It has been a fruitful journey.  Who knew that this seemingly simple commandment could change the tenor of my whole week?  This day of rest restores my soul. 

Shelly’s website was and the group she started is “Sabbath Society”.  She sends out weekly emails encouraging each of the members to find a way to keep Sabbath rest a priority in their busy lives.  She explains that it takes planning to get all the work done in six days, so that the seventh day can be a relaxing day.  She tells us that doing so brings us many benefits.

Now Shelly has written a book based on the “Sabbath Society”, and yet so much more.  Her book is “Rhythms of Rest”.  I am so glad that Shelly has put so much information from “Sabbath Society” all in one place, so more people can read about how and why to do a weekly day of rest.

As Shelly points out in her book, Sabbath rest is actually a gift. 

We all need time to rest.  It is actually healthier to have time to rest each week.  That does not mean you sleep all day.  You certainly can take a nap.  You can have fun.  You can read.  You can listen to music.  Shelly talks about different ways to practice a day of rest.

If you are wondering why you would want to have a day of rest, or if you think you are too busy, or if you think it is only for the extremely religious, then read this book!  Shelly will show you that a day of rest provides many benefits, and even people who have young children can find time for at least a partial day of rest.  Shelly tells about members of her “Sabbath Society”, how they plan for a day of rest, what activities they do on that day, and why they continue to practice Sabbath rest.

Anyone can practice celebrating Sabbath, even if you don’t go to church.  If you believe in God, then Sabbath can be a beneficial weekly habit for you.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to try it.  This book will help you find a way to begin practicing Sabbath each week. 

If you are a regular reader on my blog and are wondering why I am posting my blog on Monday instead of Sunday, it is because of Sabbath.  Even though my blog takes me into the Bible and keeps me thinking about sermons from the pastors at my church, it still is work, so now I will post my thoughts and experiences on becoming a better Christian by “following God one step at a time” on Mondays.  My book review posts will continue to be on Fridays.  Today’s post is a combination of these, because the book and my struggles to be a better Christian have interconnected.  I am still learning how to better practice a day of Sabbath rest, one step at a time.

To find out more about the book “Rhythms of Rest”, or to purchase it, go here.

You can follow #SabbathSociety on Instagram.

To find out more about the group “Sabbath Society” go to Shelly’s website.  

You can also follow Shelly on Twitter @ShellyMillerWR 

Her new website is

You can read the entire 4th commandment from Exodus 20 at Bible Gateway.

I did receive a free copy of “Rhythms of Rest” from the publisher through  I had already been a member of “Sabbath Society” for 2 years.  It has been a good influence on my life.

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2 responses to “Rhythms of Rest

  1. I have been desperately seeking this book at a local bookstore! Yes, I know, I know…I could order it, but then there’s the WAITING for it to be delivered. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and it will definitely be on my list of ‘to be read’ books! I’m visiting from the #DreamTogether linkup. Have a Terrific Tuesday!


    • Oh no! Have you tried a Barnes and Noble bookstore? They are advertising that they carry it. If you don’t want to wait, but still can’t find it in a story, you can order a Kindle copy and download it quickly! I have a Kindle copy. Just don’t give up, because it is a great book! Thanks, Michelle, for dropping in from the linkup.


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