Following God One Step at a Time

The Wall That God Built

on September 19, 2016


What is your part of the wall that God built?

God made sure that the walls for His temple were built back in the Old Testament by Solomon, King David’s son.  Later the city and its walls are destroyed.  God made sure the wall was rebuilt in the book of Nehemiah.  (The photo shows part of the wall rebuilt by Nehemiah.) When Nehemiah was chosen by God to rebuild the wall, each family was responsible for their part of the wall.   They took  stones from the rubble, and rebuilt the wall.  Nehemiah was the leader who made sure the job was done.  (This past weekend, our preacher spoke on the book of “Nehemiah” and said that it is a great study on leadership.)

The walls around Jerusalem have been destroyed and re-built several times throughout history.  Now Jesus is building His Kingdom through His believers.  We each are responsible for our own part. God gave each of us a task.

What is your part in building God’s Kingdom? 

Some of us are prayer warriors.  Some of us are leaders like Nehemiah who can organize people and make the plans to get the job done.  Some of us are teachers or journalists who tell the truth.  Some of us are protectors.  Some of us are skilled laborers.  Some of us have the financial resources to help.

What role do you identify with?

If you read the book of “Nehemiah”, you will see each of these roles played out in various people.  A brother of Nehemiah and some men from Judah are like journalists who bring news to Nehemiah about what is happening in Jerusalem.  Nehemiah is the leader who takes on the job to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall.  Nehemiah is also a prayer warrior, which probably all leaders should be.  The King provides the financial resources.  The people of Jerusalem provide the skilled labor, and some are protectors who are prepared to fight to protect the workers and families.

That wall gets built! The people praise God and worship Him. They read the Scriptures.  Then there is celebration with food and drink!

God is building His Kingdom, preparing for the day that Jesus will return.  When He does, we will be celebrating!  But first we each are workers, working on our part of His Kingdom.  One part is preparing ourselves and learning Scripture, so we are ready when Jesus returns.  Another part is helping as many people as we can to join the Kingdom.  You don’t have to do everything to get people into the Kingdom; you just need to do your part.

I am a teacher.

How about you?  What is your part?

If you would like to learn more about the book of Nehemiah, I recommend this Bible study –“Nehemiah” by Kelly Minter.  I found this study to be very interesting and very helpful.  I learned a lot about Biblical history, and I learned a lot about myself.  You might be surprised what you can learn from the book of “Nehemiah”.


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6 responses to “The Wall That God Built

  1. Stopping by from the link up! So happy to meet you and look forward to reading some of your posts!


  2. Hi Janet! I am a prayer warrior. I have prayer books and the Bible I use and I love to pray for people. And it blesses me so much when I get to witness God move.
    Thanks for linking up!


  3. I am also a teacher. I add to that mother, wife, and blogger. Building the wall one stone at a time!


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