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New Books

on September 16, 2016


There are several really good Christian books that have recently been published, or are going to be available in days. 

You need to know what books these are, and get your hands on some of them!  Maybe all of them! I already have some of these books, and I have a pre-order on a couple.

You don’t want to miss these!

Unashamed by Christine Caine

Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller

Flourish by Margaret Feinberg

The Undoing of Saint Silvanus by Beth Moore

Maybe you noticed that all these books are written by amazing women!  I am a big fan of these ladies, all Christians, and all amazing teachers and writers.  They all have a different focus to their writing.  So in case you don’t know some of them, I will give a brief description, and links where you can find out more. 

So here goes! –

->Christine Caine is from Australia.  She is the founder of the charity A21, which rescues people who have been sex or slave trafficked.  She focuses on getting better, gaining strength, being positive, and encouraging in all her writing.  I just finished the small group study for Unashamed, and it is awesome!  You may think you don’t have shame in your life, but read this book, or do the study and you may very well find some hidden shame.  Her study helps you push shame out of your life.

For more information about Unashamed by Christine Caine –

—      Go to Lifeway and Bible Gateway.

->Margaret Feinberg helps people see who God is.  She searches for the meaning behind the words and phrases God uses in Scripture.  She always brings out new meanings I never knew before.  I have read many of her books.  I have just started reading her new book, Flourish.  I had it on pre-order and just got it this week.

For more information about Flourish by Margaret Feinberg –

—      Go to Margaret’s website or Amazon.

->Shelly Miller may be new to you, because Rhythms of Rest is her first book!  I have already started reading it too. (Yes I always read several books at the same time.) Shelly focuses her writing online and in her book on Sabbath rest.  This is not the Old Testament kind of Sabbath.  There aren’t a lot of rules to follow.  This Sabbath she talks about, is to claim the gift from God of Sabbath rest.  She explains in her book how to practice Sabbath, and the benefits you get from it.  God loves us, and He wants us to have rest.

For more information on Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller –

—    Go to Amazon and Shelly’s own website Amazon has a great price on the pre-order!  And find even more on Pinterest!

->Beth Moore is famous, so you probably know her, but this is a new type of book for her.  Beth writes in depth Bible studies and Christian books that teach about the Bible and about being a good Christian.  The Undoing of Saint Silvanus is Beth’s first fiction book!  I have this on pre-order.  I do not want to miss this book!  For information —

    Go to Amazon or Lifeway for the pre-order.

I bet you are going to love these books!





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