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Are You Debt Free?

on September 4, 2016

I know it seems impossible to ever be debt free.  

But we can be debt free in some ways.

Many homeowners wish for a day when there would be a “0” balance on their mortgage!

Most of us believe this will never happen (me included).

But just for now, think about what you would do if your bank wiped out your debt, and said your mortgage balance was “Zero”. 

Would you throw a party?  Scream like crazy? Thank the Lord? Maybe all three and even more!  Would you be happy for the rest of your life? Excited about planning what to do with all that money?

Or can you imagine that you might continue to pay your mortgage?

That would be crazy right?

But maybe you just can’t believe that the bank would really declare your mortgage balance to be zero.  Maybe you don’t think you deserve to have your mortgage wiped clear.  You know, because you were late on a few payments.

Maybe you are afraid of how you would use the extra money, and what God would want you to do with all that money.

Does this sound as crazy to you as it does to me?

Yet don’t many of us do this with Jesus, when God says our sins and shame are gone?

Don’t many of us still act like sinners, because we feel ashamed of our past, and can’t believe that Jesus would wipe our sins away and declare our debt to God to be “Zero”?

We might have celebrated and thanked God when we were baptized, but shouldn’t we be happy for the rest of our life and be thankful to God every day?

Which is worth more?

Having your mortgage debt wiped away? Or having all your sins wiped away?

Yeah, having our sins wiped away is worth so much more! 

So shouldn’t we be living an awesome life, full of love, joy, peace, kindness and so much more?

Shouldn’t we be doing good things for the rest of our life?  Just like we would give some of our money to charity and other good causes if our mortgage was gone?  Shouldn’t we be praising Jesus to everyone we know and get to know?  Just like we would recommend our bank and praise them to everyone we know, because they wiped out our debt?

I know, it is hard, to wrap our brain around the idea of having our sins and shame be wiped out, gone forever.

So would it help to think of our sins as a debt, that Jesus wiped clean? 

Think of it as a debt that we no longer owe, and is forgotten, gone from all records.  A debt wiped clean, so that it gives us more ability to do good.

That sounds easier to me. 

I can think of my sins gone, as giving me more love and happiness to share.

I can think of my sins gone, giving me more time to spend with family and friends and church, because I don’t have to work so hard to pay off my debt. 

That debt is gone! 

Wow! What a weight off my shoulders!  I feel free!  I feel happy, even joyful! 

Now that is how I should live the rest of my life!

How about you?

Just so you know, you saw this first on my blog

And if you haven’t been baptized yet, that is easy to fix. 

Go to a church and tell them you want to be baptized.  I would suggest you go to a Methodist or non-denominational church, because they generally aren’t as picky about rules and requirements.  But if you prefer, you can certainly go to any of the other Christian churches.  Ask them what you have to do to be baptized.  At the church I attend (Tomoka Christian Church), all you have to do is ask to be baptized, set up a time, and show up.  In fact they had open baptisms at the beach several times this summer.  All you had to do is show up and tell them you wanted to be baptized.  So why not?  You can do that.  Then your sins will be wiped away, and your debt to God will be gone.  Awesome!




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