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What would you do if…

on August 28, 2016

What would you do if you were dying?


I actually have thought about this several times in my life, especially when I was battling cancer.  Now that I am cancer-free, I find myself thinking about this again.

What would I change about my life if I was dying?  

Assuming I had several months to live, this is what I would change –

I would stop writing my blog on a regular basis, and just post occasionally when I had something important to say.  I enjoy writing my blog, but it does take up a lot of time.

I would spend more time doing things I enjoy and never get enough of!  For me that would be sitting on the beach, walking in botanical gardens, listening to birds sing, having fresh flowers on my kitchen table, eating my favorite foods (even if they are not that healthy), and spending more time with my husband.  I do all these things now, but I would do them more often, and plan to do them on a daily basis.

I would shop less, exercise less, stop going to meetings of any kind, sleep less, and watch TV less.

I can’t decide if I would read more, or read less.  I love to read!  I enjoy learning new things.  But reading can be a waste of time.  So I think my answer would be to read less and pick only the best books to read.

I would give away things I don’t really need – books from my bookshelves, jewelry, games, music CDs, and movies.

I would call each of my family members and each of my good friends and tell them anything I need them to know (like I really love you a lot!), and give them advice that I think is important for them, and tell them what I think their good points are, and tell them what I would like them to do for me now and after I am gone.  If anything is too hard to say out loud, then I would write them a letter.

I would pray more.  I would donate more money.  I would read the Bible more.  These are things that are important that I always intend to do more, but don’t always get done.

It is interesting what changes I would make.  It makes me wonder why I waste so much time, and why don’t I do what I enjoy more often? This fits in with my One Word for this year “Re-focus”.  It is also being more intentional with how I live my life. 

Maybe I need to make some changes in my life now. 

So this week, I could take a walk in nature, go to the beach, watch less TV, bake and eat brownies, give away some things I don’t need anymore, and call one family member or friend I haven’t seen in a while, and donate money to a charity.

So what changes would you make in your life if you were dying?  Maybe you need to make some of those changes in your life now, too.

What is one change you want to make in your life now?


2 responses to “What would you do if…

  1. Being Woven says:

    Interesting you bring this up and are my neighbor at Holley’s…I know there are more things I “should” change, but what I will change now (and ponder the rest) is that I will spend more time with God in His Word. I am often saying how I should spend more quiet time with Him, yet do not add a dot or a tittle to my time with Him. My husband and I have Bible reading and sharing together each evening, but I need my own too. I have some but not every day. I think I will give a way a few more things too!
    This is good to think upon and act upon!


    • I am so glad that you have decided to spend more time in God’s Word! That will make such a difference in your life, especially if you do it every day. I am right there with you, trying my best to read His Word daily. Thanks for sharing this with me. I’m glad you hopped on over from Holley’s.


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