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Jesus Talked to Me

on August 19, 2016

This is my book review of “Jesus Talked to Me Today” by James Stuart Bell.

This is actually a collection of “True Stories of Children’s Encounters with Angels, Miracles, and God”.

BookCover JesusTalkedtoMe

I did find this book encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring.  Although some of the stories were not very remarkable, enough of them were awe-inspiring for me to feel good about my faith in God after reading this book.

Most of these stories are written from an adult’s perspective looking back at something that happened many years ago.  Sometimes it is told by the person who had the original encounter, and some of the stories are told by a close relative.  It surprises me that these people remember the event so many years later.  It even still affects their lives many years later, and the lives of other people near them. 

Evidently the faith of a child can strengthen the faith of adults who see it.

The stories are about healings, or about being told by a “voice” what to do, or about being given their calling, or seeing an angel and feeling safe, all happened to young children.  The events changed their lives, so that in itself is a miracle.

This is the first book by James Stuart Bell that I have read.  I found out that he has done other collections similar to this one.  I need to read more of these.  It never hurts to have encouragement to keep your faith strong, and to verify that God does care about us, and God does listen to us and answer prayers!

My favorite stories in the book are about being healed by God. 

I relate to these stories, because God healed me of cancer that my doctors expected me to die from.  My doctors call me a miracle, and I tell them, God healed me.  God performed the miracle.  Miracles from God are always inspiring, and bring us hope.

To read more about this book, or to purchase, go to

Some of the author’s other books are “Encountering Jesus”, “Heaven Touching Earth”, and “Awakening Faith”.  To find more of his books click here.

I did receive a free copy of this book from the Publisher, Bethany House.  I have given my honest review of the book after reading the entire book.



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