Following God One Step at a Time

Pointing to Jesus

on July 31, 2016

At church this weekend, our minister said that John the Baptist had the job of pointing to Jesus.  John wasn’t the way, Jesus was.  Then he said our job is the same, pointing people to Jesus.

—> Jesus

That’s cool, but I’m just glad we don’t have to eat locusts, nor follow his dress code (camel hair)!

So, because it is the busy summer season, I will point the way to Jesus, by telling you about some online Bible studies that are easy to fit in your busy schedule.

I like to have online options because of the flexibility of time, and because of easy access (since I am disabled and aware of this issue), and often they are cheaper due to Facebook live and other easy video access that can be used to lead a Bible study, as well as chat rooms or Facebook groups that can be used for group discussion.  The new technology really makes Bible study much easier!

Here are a couple options for you this summer –

1 – First there is a study starting August 7.

It is a FREE Bible study led by author Jennie Allen.  You can sign up here and you will get a link to download the free workbook to use for the study.  Then once each week at 9pm (EST) on Sunday, a live video will be streamed online in Facebook.  The video will also be available to use later in the week if you can’t make it live.

The title of the study is “Humble and Bold: How to Love God in a World that Doesn’t”.  This is an awesome opportunity to study with a well-known Christian author!  (Her books include “Restless”, and “Anything”.) And yes, it really is FREE!

2 – “Unashamed” Bible Study by Christine Caine

 This study runs from August 14 – September 17 (5 Weeks) at 9pm (EST.) The videos are free and available for the whole week if you can’t make it at 9pm. (Normally the videos would be purchased as DVDs to do the study, but for those who sign up for the online study, the videos are free for viewing online each week.)   The only cost is for the study guide, which is $7.99 (the discounted price for those who sign up).  Christine’s book “Unashamed” is also available at a discount, but the book is not necessary to do the study.

By signing up, you will get access to free downloads of the 1st session study guide and the 1st chapter of the book.  This allows you to get a headstart, or to sample them before you decide whether to buy them or not.

Sign up for the “Unashamed” study here —

A neat option for this study if you like to discuss with other women — Every Thursday during the study there will be live online chats available from 2-3 p.m. EST and 9-10 p.m. EST, where we go through each week’s study questions and talk about the video lesson. These are hosted by a moderator and are FREE for all participants.

I hope one of these sounds good to you!  If you sign up for one or both, please let me know.

I am signed up for both of these studies! I am excited about getting in the word online with other women.  


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