Following God One Step at a Time

Got Courage ?

on July 30, 2016

Have you got courage this summer to try something new?

I am having a crazy summer! I joined a new project at church involving their new livestream of their 4 services ( ) We dropped off a son at the airport today after his visit to Florida and the Bahamas, and will be picking up 2 grandkids tonight at the airport.  We will have the kids for a week.  It is all good, but it does take courage. It also plays havoc on my schedule, so this book review is a day late.

My book review today is on a book written by a woman who sets the best example of a woman filled with courage

If you need some encouragement to be courageous, read this book.  It’s awesome!

This is my book review of “Undaunted” by Christine Caine.

There are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today.

That is correct.  I said today!  These people have been forced into unpaid slavery.  It is known by the phrase “human trafficking”. It happens everywhere in the world, including the United States, and possibly in the town you live in.

The author, Christine Caine, talks about how she got involved in “human trafficking”.  She talks about how God got her attention, even though she had not been aware of the problem.  Evidently God was. 

Christine came up with a list of excuses, telling God that she could not possibly deal with this problem.  It was too dangerous.  She did not have the skills or knowledge to deal with this huge problem.  Many people told her she could not do it.

But God uses the insignificant to do big things.

God used a boy’s small lunch to feed over 5,000 people.  God used a small shepherd boy with a stone, to kill a giant. Christine realized that God would be with her in this task he was giving to her.

Eight years later, Christine is still fighting human trafficking.

Through the organization she founded, A21, she has saved 326 people and given them their freedom and a life again, and she has helped convict 40 of the people who stole their lives and enslaved them.  A21 works to fight human trafficking in these 10 countries: Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Norway,  USA, South Africa, Thailand, Netherlands, and Australia.  You can find out more and volunteer to help them on their website  and follow them on Twitter @TheA21Campaign  .

If you don’t know what God is calling you to do, Christine will lay out the steps, and show the small changes you can make, so you will be able to hear what God is asking you to do.  She says to just get started, and then go one step at a time, just like in the subtitle of this blog you are reading — “Faith Counts” “Following God one step at a time”.  That is all God expects you to do.

God may not ask you to do something as big as fight worldwide human trafficking.  But Christine tells you how you can dare “to do what God calls you to do”.

So what is God asking you to do?  Are you making lists of why you can’t do it?  Read this book, and Christine Caine will inspire you to be courageous enough to answer God’s call.  She will give you the Scriptures and the encouragement to get started.  

Whatever God is calling you to do —

The first step is to read this book, get “Undaunted” by Christine Caine.



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