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Book Review of “Enlarge My Territory”

on July 24, 2016

This is my book review of “Enlarge My Territory” by Suzi Johnson.

BookCover enlargeTerritory

I have delayed writing this book review, because I want to be encouraging to writers.  Also, I know that it involves so much work and time to write a book, that I like to give authors reviews with a positive perspective.  Unfortunately, I am not able to do that this time.  As a professional book reviewer, I promise to read the entire book given to me to review, and to give an honest review.  I need to be truthful to my readers.  So hesitantly, I have written this honest review.

Over all, I did not like “Enlarge My Territory”.  Much of the book was like an outline listing topics and bullet points.  There were lists, but no explanations or examples connected to the list.  I would get to the end of a chapter and have no closure.  So the best thing I can say is that this author has a lot of information to tell us, but it needs to be more organized. 

Suzi Johnson has obviously studied the Bible, thought a lot about it, and has used it to live her life. There were a few nuggets of good advice that I underlined.  There were sections that I thought were bringing things together, but then there would be more bullet lists.  The many ideas the author has, seemed random and did not congeal into a conclusion or even advice to follow up on.

Since there were too many topics discussed for one book, I think it would have been better to divide this book up into two or three books, and then add to the discussion of the topics.  There were many places that needed to be expanded to give the reader more examples, more explanations, more details.

It seemed like the title “Enlarge My Territory” was used as an umbrella term to cover too many topics.  There was no logical connection between chapters.  The author went from “the journey of a lifetime” to “school reunion”, then “motorcycles and signs”, “ask for God’s direction”, “tell it like it is”, “25 fewer minutes of sleep” … “when you’re busy during peak tax season”, then a summary, and then on to Part 2.  This seemed all disjointed to me.

I suspect that the author took all the posts from her blog, or writings in her journal, and stuck them all in this book.  You can make a book out of your journals or blog posts, but this time it did not work.  More editing would help, but as I said, it needs to be at least two books with more cohesion to fit better under one title, rather than using a broad title to cover everything.

You can read some of the book and other comments on it at

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, through BookLook Bloggers, and I obviously gave my own opinions in this book review.




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