Following God One Step at a Time

The Sacred Echo

on July 15, 2016

Here is my book review of “The Sacred Echo” by Margaret Feinberg.              margaretFeinberg pic

This book is about hearing God.  It covers a little different area of this subject than some books that are about listening to God’s voice. There are times we hear God, but we get distracted by some crisis, or by our job, or by our kids.  The author, Margaret Feinberg, points out that when we hear God, He communicates with us through echoes.  Echoes are repeated words or phrases that get our attention because they are repeated over and over.  Even when we get distracted, we will hear God in the echoes.

The repetition of God’s guidance also gives us confidence of what He is telling us.  If you get the message once, and never again, you may have not heard God.  Margaret says that God has a persistent voice.  We can certainly see this in the Bible.  Phrases or words are often repeated in the Bible, if they are important for us to notice.

But echoes can go in both directions.  Margaret talks about saying prayers to God, and repeating our requests. 

This happens for me when I say the “Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6:9-13) over and over throughout my life.  I know that this prayer has gone deep in my bones, because I have said it so many times.  Now, saying this prayer, connects me directly to God.  I can say the “Lord’s Prayer” now, and peace comes over me; fear disappears; worries are gone.  As Margaret says, prayer can help us “fix our eyes on Jesus”.  That is what the “Lord’s Prayer” does for me.  It fixes my eyes on Jesus, and I feel His eyes on me, just like in the song “His eye is on the sparrow“.

Margaret further says, that when we hear God, it is worth noting it.  Stop and think about it.  Maybe seek more explanation by reading Scriptures related to it.  I have started writing down in a journal what I hear from God, and then I can see the repetition of echoes more easily. 

Margaret asks in prayer, “God, Open my eyes to see and ears to hear.  What do you want to say to me?”  She often finds her answer by reading Scripture, sometimes the same verses over and over again, until she understands.

Margaret writes about her struggle to determine what God was calling her to do with her life. 

She knew some people that knew their calling at a young age.  She felt slow, because she was in college and still did not know her calling.  She had doubts.  She was frustrated.  Don’t we all relate to this feeling at times with God? 

This book “The Sacred Echo” just might help you decipher what God wants to tell you.  Reading it just might help you know the calling God has given to you.  When we know that, Margaret says we should work with God, out of gratitude for all He does.  She believes you will find joy in finding what God is calling you to do.

I have enjoyed reading many of Margaret Feinberg’s books!

I have reviewed several of them here on my blog.  If you would like to know more about her books, you can enter her name “Feinberg” in the search box at the top of this blog.  The book reviews I have written about her books will be listed.  You can also go to Margaret’s website to find out more, and to purchase a book. 


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