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A Well-Watered Woman

on July 10, 2016

Are you a well-watered woman?

Or do you feel dried up? Discouraged?

Wouldn’t you rather be well-watered and encouraged!?

Book WellWateredWomen

I am on a journey to become a well-watered woman.

The woman at the well in the Bible was dried up.  Not only was her water jar empty, but her life was empty.  Jesus offered her “living water” that never runs out.  When you have this living water inside you, in your spirit, you become a well-watered woman.  This living water, Jesus says, will be like a “spring of water welling up”.  Then you will be a well-watered woman, not filled with water from the well, but being full of “living water” that comes from God.  (The story is in John 4:5-26.)

You and I can become well-watered women by seeking the “living water” Jesus offers.  We find it by reading the Bible.  But we need to do more than just read it.  We need to pull the water from it, like drawing water up from a well.  This takes a seeking heart, wanting to know the truth Jesus teaches. 

There is a short book that can help you find the living water, “Well-watered Women” by Gretchen Saffles.  I am reading it now.  You don’t have to read it to find the living water in the Scriptures, but it will make it easier and guide you along your way.  To read more about it, or to purchase, go to Gretchen’s website 

If you decide you don’t want to use this book to become a well-watered woman, you can do this on your own, by purchasing a journal, reading your Bible each day (perhaps starting with the book of John which has the story of the woman at the well), using a Bible commentary to find the meaning of what you are reading, praying and asking for God’s help to find the living water in the Scriptures.  Then use the journal to take notes on what truths you find in the Scripture, make a note of prayers that are answered, and describe your journey as you become a well-watered woman.  You can also write down a few Bible verses to memorize (maybe the verses where Jesus talks about living water).

Either way, this is a journey worth taking! 

Although I have done many Bible studies, and I pray regularly, and read the Bible, and attend church every weekend, I am seeking to become a well-watered woman.  I still feel discouraged at times, so I want to be more courageous, more joyful, and live with a purpose.  That is why I am reading Gretchen’s book, “Well-watered Women”.  To read this book to become a well-watered woman, all you need then is a Bible.  (You can get a free Bible mailed to you at FreeBibles or read the Bible online at BibleGateway.

I have often visited Gretchen’s website and have been encouraged and intrigued by it.  I have purchased one of her journals, and found it helpful.  You might enjoy looking around her website at or find her on Pinterest — @LLBeautifully or Instagram – @LifeLivedBeautifully or Twitter — @LLBeautifully

If you do decide to get her book “Well-watered Women”, let me know what you think about it in the comments below or by email to

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2 responses to “A Well-Watered Woman

  1. Andy says:

    I had never thought of the women at the well as being dried up, a really fresh insight I had not every considered. Thank you.


    • Yes! The “dried up” description is from the book that Gretchen Saffles wrote. She does have a fresh insight to the woman at the well story! Thanks for commenting here, Andy. So good to hear from you!

      Liked by 1 person

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