Following God One Step at a Time

Scouting the Divine

on June 10, 2016

This is my book review of “Scouting the Divine” by Margaret Feinberg.

margaretFeinberg pic

This book is about finding God in the metaphors He uses to describe Himself –

the good Shepherd,

and to describe the land He gives us –

a land flowing with milk and honey,

and to describe us, His followers –

the pruned grape vine branches that will produce fruit.

The author of this book, Margaret, says in the subtitle that she is –

“Searching for God in Wine, Wool, and Wild Honey”!

In John 10:27, Jesus says, “My sheep listen to my voice.”

When Margaret visited a sheep ranch, the woman shepherd said that when she calls, the sheep will come running.  The shepherd then said, “sheep, sheep, sheep”, and the sheep came running!  As the sheep came near, the shepherd counted each sheep.  She wanted to be sure all the sheep came, and none were missing.  There is always the chance that a sheep gets lost or injured, so it is important to count them to be sure.  In short, all sheep depend on their shepherd for survival, and they know it!

Leviticus 20:24 says, But I said to you, “You will possess their land; I will give it to you as an inheritance, a land flowing with milk and honey.” I am the Lord your God, who has set you apart from the nations.

For a land to be flowing with honey, there must be plentiful rain and enough sunshine, to make flowers, so the bees can make honey.  Each colony of honey bees has 50,000 or more bees, but only 1 queen bee.  The hive depends on her to keep the hive alive.   Honey can be found in the wild, without a beekeeper, because God provides everything the bees need.  John the Baptist ate wild honey that he found in the wilderness.

Jesus says in Matthew 7:16, “You will know them by their fruits.”

In the vineyard, each row starts with a large L-shaped vine that runs parallel to the ground.  In the winter, the vines look dead.  Later they will fill with branches and grapes, but the vines must be pruned to develop a healthy start.  Jesus refers to Himself as the vine that we, the branches, depend on.

I enjoyed learning about sheep, and honey bees, and grapes with Margaret, as she visits and questions the shepherdess, the bee keeper, the farmer, and the vintner.  It really helped me understand Scripture better, since I did not grow up on a farm.  I treasure this book, and re-read parts of it to refresh my memory when I read the Bible.

I am thankful to Margaret for taking the time to investigate all these farming activities, so we could understand the Bible better.

You can find this book on Margaret’s website.

You can also find it at Amazon.



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