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Still Living After Cancer

on June 5, 2016

I am now cancer free for 6 years.  Yay! That is something to celebrate!


I am still living, even though the doctors and I thought my time to die was near.  The doctors ran out of treatments, so I turned to God for guidance and healing.

I want to make it clear.  God healed me.

I did everything I could.  My husband did everything he could.  The doctors did everything they knew to do.  It was God who healed me.  I owe God to live a life He would approve of.  I don’t want these extra years God has given me to go to waste.

I have wondered what my life should look like, now that I am still living.  Choosing what to do with my life, not knowing if I would live 2 years or 10 years, is difficult.

It is true that no one knows how long they will live.  When battling a dangerous cancer, the odds of a short life span increase.  Cancer has a tendency to return.  I battled cancer three times.  Cancer changes what living looks like, and what living includes.  Abilities are restricted.  Energy is reduced.  Priorities change.

Living after cancer has put a pressure on me to live well, to make good choices, and focus in on a few priorities.

I have focused on making time for:  my husband and family, church, prayer, Bible study, being thankful, helping others, encouraging Christians, writing, learning, eating healthy, and exercise.

Maybe your choices would be different, but I feel good about these choices.  If I would die next week, I would be happy with my life.  I would face God knowing I lived well, and made good use of the years of life He gave me. 

What priorities would you choose to live if you only had a few years left to live?

To read more about my cancer battle click here.




One response to “Still Living After Cancer

  1. allycarter1 says:

    Wow what great news! And a great testimony!


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