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To Find Peace and Quiet

on May 20, 2016

Book Review of “Roots & Sky” by Christie Purifoy —

Book RootsSky

This book was such a refuge of peace and quiet.

It is not a book with tons of insight. I find myself drawn to it just to have some peaceful time.  It has a calming effect on me, which I have needed lately. 

The topic is about the author’s first year in a new home with her family.  The house is something they dreamed of.  It is surrounded by Maple trees, and flowers, like daffodils and lavender.  It is an old farmhouse next to a new subdivision with few trees. 

Christie’s house represents the past, a slower quieter way of living.

The author wrote the book like a personal journal.  She reflects on her days, on the seasons and how her life changes with the seasons.  The book is filled with her family’s life, not the news of the day.

She takes us into her home and shows us her life. 

Her family living in this house, finding ways to make it comfortable, to make it useful, to make some changes like painting, these activities are what make a house a home.  Christie intentionally has been trying to find a rhythm for her family that is slower than the pace around them.  She intentionally finds ways to bring special meaning to certain holidays, like Christmas and Easter, for her growing young family.

Quoting from p.166 to give you a sense of the peaceful contentment of this book, “I take it all in – the food, the candlelight, the voices – as I rock slowly with Elsa in my arms.  And I am full, so full, I am overflowing.”

The dream the author was seeking when they were house hunting, she has found in this home.  Christie has found that slower pace, that intentional meaning to everyday life.  She shares this discovery with us.  Hopefully we can use some of her experiences in our own life. 

If you seek a slower pace, or just need some relaxing peace, this just may be the best book for you to read.

You can read a portion of the book “Roots & Sky” and purchase it at



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