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Stay Focused

on May 15, 2016

Where are you focused? 

Are you focused on your kids?  On your job?  On the stuff you can buy?  On looking pretty?  On having fun going out drinking?  Stop it!  Just stop it.  That is not where your focus belongs.

FocusOnGod magnifying_glass

Stay focused on God. 

Don’t roll your eyes.  This is not the same old thing about obeying God.  This is NOT boring either. 

Staying focused on God is about freedom and adventure and promise.

Life can be confusing and distracting.  God is unchanging forever.  God keeps promises God gives you opportunities for adventure.  God gives you the freedom to choose what you will do with your life, with your time, and with your money.

Do you really want to spend all your time on a job?  Maybe you can work fewer hours.  At least stop thinking about your job after work, and don’t bring it home.  Even at work, you can take breaks to talk to God, to ask Him for direction.  You can do that sitting at your desk and closing your eyes, or taking a short walk.  

Do you really want to spend so much money on stuff that will break and won’t do what advertising promises? 

Do you really want to spend so much money to be good looking?  Do you need to spend so much time looking pretty?  What does that accomplish?

Choose to focus on God, and let Him show you other opportunities.

Galations  5:1 reads “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” 

Paul is saying that we do not have to burden ourselves with worry over things that don’t matter.  We can focus on what does matter.  We can focus on God, and what He says is important.  We have choices.

If you ask God to show you some opportunities, He will bring choices to you that He approves of —

 It could be the opportunity to go on one of several mission trips.  You might read an article in the news or hear on the radio about a mission that needs people to go there to help.  The kinds of help you could choose from could be teaching English, or helping with Vacation Bible School, or helping repair or paint a church or orphanage or medical clinic.  What task would you like to do? 

What country sounds interesting to you?  Kenya? Haiti? Guatemala? India?

God might show you the opportunity to sponsor a child.  You could sponsor an orphan.  You could sponsor a young child’s education or medical care.  You can learn about where the child lives, what their needs are, and possibly you could visit them or send them a letter of encouragement and receive a short letter in response.

God might show you an opportunity in your city to join an after-school program to tutor children, or help them make an art project, or help them learn a sport like soccer or jump rope.  It could be an opportunity to help with summer camp for a summer or just for one week.

One thing for sure, God won’t have any trouble finding adventurous meaningful ways to spend your time and money!

Watch this short movie clip on God’s opportunities!

If you choose, you can watch this short video on how many different opportunities can be in one place —

For more information about some opportunities in Virginia, go to

What opportunities from God are you interested in?  If you like, you can tell us in the comments below.






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