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Are You Faithful?

on April 17, 2016

This blog is about Faith, Faith Counts, so this is a huge topic to jump into, but it was the sermon topic at our church this weekend, so I feel the need to cover at least one piece of this topicbeing faithful.

Faithfulness is one of the fruits of the Spirit, so we know God wants us to be faithful.

He wants us to have love, and be loving.

He wants us to have joy, and be joyful.

He wants us to have peace, and be peaceful,

to have patience, and be patient,

to have kindness, and be kind,

to have goodness, and be good,

to have faithfulness, and be faithful,

to have gentleness, and be gentle,

to have self-control, and be self-controlled.

(The fruit of the Spirit are found in Galatians 5:22-23.)

This shows that each fruit of the Spirit is both a noun, a thing to possess, to have, AND it is a verb, something to do, to become

Now I am thinking this through as I go, and then I will read it over, and see if it makes sense.  If not, I will make changes, but it is the Holy Spirit, not me that puts these blog posts together.  I just put it down in words to try to make sense for you and for me.  We are both learning in this process.

So to have faithfulness, is to possess faith to the full.

That means we are to be filled up with faith in God and in God’s Word.

There is no other faith that matters

No matter how much faith you have in other stuff, I don’t want to hear it!  It does not matter.

So if we are filled up with faith in God and His Word, then every day we will be faithful.

That’s the verb part.  The part where we take the thing we possess, faithfulness, and we become faithful.  We are to be faithful.

Hmm.  Now what do you suppose being faithful looks like?

Being faithful looks like Abraham getting his whole family together and moving to a place unknown, because God told him to.

Being faithful looks like Noah building the biggest ship ever, in the middle of a hot, dry country, because God told him to.

Being faithful looks like Esther walking into the King’s court without permission, because God put her in the position of Queen for just such a time, to save God’s people.

Being faithful looks like Mary, telling Joseph the truth about her pregnancy, and Joseph keeping Mary as his wife, and both raising Jesus as their son, so He can save the world.

Now I bet you can think of a time you were faithful.  Think about it…

Here is an example of my own to help give you an idea.  I was divorced, and I met a minister who was also divorced. (Please note, we were both divorced, and then we met.) We got married, despite our past mistakes, because God brought us together and blessed our marriage.  People tried to talk us out of getting married.  We were a bit afraid of making a new commitment of marriage after each suffering through a difficult divorce.  We followed what we believed God was telling us to do.  We got married.  We are still happily married 16 years later.  Not only did we step into being faithful with a new marriage, and a blended family with three grown kids, and two teenagers, but we became even more faithful walking on in that marriage… through jobs ending, moving across the country, leaving the ministry, getting involved in another church, new jobs, battling cancer, and loving nine new grandchildren…  Oh yes, we are full of faithfulness, and are faithful every day.  

We could not survive this life without being faithful in God and His Word!

So now, it’s your turn to share one of your examples of being faithful to God and His Word, by sharing your story in the comments below, or send them to me at my email shown in the right hand column of this post.  Thank you for reading this post, and thank you even more if you share your story.




One response to “Are You Faithful?

  1. I hope you have a story to share of how you were faithful. If not, be sure you read my story in the post above. It might remind you of a story of your own. Thanks!


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