Following God One Step at a Time

My Favorite Holiday

on March 27, 2016

It may seem odd, but my favorite holiday is Easter!

I love it, because of Jesus Christ.  He is amazing as a baby at Christmas,

but at Easter He is my Savior!  He saved me.  He saved everybody!

For me, Easter is all about the Resurrection and the promise of Heaven.

Easter is so much more than the cross.

Easter is about love, forgiveness, adoption, truth, victory, Heaven, hope, joy, promises…

If you want to worship Jesus right now, if you want to join in with the most awesome worship team, watch this on livestream today at noon EST watch this weekend Saturday at 6:30pm or Sunday at 9:30am or 11:30am at

Don’t be late, it will start with a drumbeat, in fact 5 sets of drums on the stage!

On the regular weekends we usually have only 1 set of drums, and 3 guitars, and a variety of other musical instruments.  Join us!


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