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10 Ways to Make Feb 29 Special

on February 28, 2016

Monday is February 29.  This extra day only happens every 4 years, so don’t waste it!

You have been given the gift of 1 extra day this year.

What will you do with it?

I plan to make it a special day, so it won’t get lost in the everyday tasks.  Many of us are working today, but you still have some hours to spend as you choose!

 Here are 10 ways to make your February 29 special –

  1. Read a book you have been wanting to read.  This is a special one to me, because I love to read, and I am a Christian book reviewer.  If you don’t know what book to read, just check out the book reviews on this blog (click on “book review” under the Select Categories list, or look at my Good Reads list on the right side of this page).  Here are a few book recommendations from my blog —  a book for the guys,  from a Blue Bike, and some of my favorite women authors.
  1. Plan a special dinner. Make a new recipe.  Don’t just eat the same old thing.  I am planning to make a new recipe for Acorn squash, and serve it with Italian sausage.
  2. Get outside. Go for a walk in the park.  Being outside in nature is very healing physically and emotionally.
  3. Spend some time thanking God for all the good things in your life. I thank God for my wonderful husband, for our home, for our church, for the ladies’ Bible study group I have been a member of for 10 years, for our friends…  I could go on all day.  Giving thanks is also healing physically and emotionally.
  4. Play some music that you enjoy. Sing along.  Dance or clap with the beat.  Music is also healing.
  5. Get some exercise that is fun! Pick something you enjoy doing!  Ride a bike, or swim indoors, play basketball or just shoot some hoops, go roller skating….
  6. Write a letter to a friend you have not seen for a long time, or call them instead.
  7. Do something for a neighbor. Offer to shovel their sidewalk or rake their leaves.  Or bake some brownies and share them with a neighbor.  Or invite them over for coffee and dessert and some conversation.
  8. You and your spouse or significant other can give each other foot massages or back massages!
  9. Pray for our country, for the homeless, for orphans, for people who will go hungry today…. Prayer is so important, but many of us don’t take the time to pray much.  You can pray at work, during your lunchtime, before you go to bed.  Take the time today to pray for those in need.

So pick 1 or 2 or more of these ideas, and go make your February 29 special!

Share in the comments what you plan to do on Feb 29.  We would love to know!


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