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Book Review of “Endangered Edens”

on February 26, 2016

This is my book review of “Endangered Edens” by Marty Essen.  This is his second book.

Book Endangered_Edens_3D_Small

Marty and his wife enjoy traveling to out of the way places.  They see many amazing animals, and Marty takes great photos of them!  For me this book focused too much on snakes, frogs, and other creepy animals. I did enjoy the pictures of birds, butterflies, foxes, and monkeys though.  The pictures are in full color, if you get the paperback version, or have an e-reader that reads in color.  You can see some of Marty’s pictures on his website at  These pictures are actually from his previous book, “Cool Creatures, Hot Planet”, covering seven continents, but it will show you what to expect from his current book, “Endangered Edens”.  You can also get information on his website for purchasing either of his two books.

I enjoyed reading about Marty’s trips to — Puerto Rico, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, the Florida everglades, and Costa Rica.  I have not visited any of these places myself.  This book helps to show the amazing animal variety of species that God has created on this Earth.  For example, in Costa Rica, he saw toucans which are the largest toucans in that country, 22 inches in length.  You will see the pictures in the book.  Strange birds, that look as if they could never fly because of their large beak.

Marty’s description of the mess left from the oil companies in Alaska, definitely left me against oil companies being allowed to drill in places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  I don’t know why some people want to destroy such natural beauty.  The refuge covers 20 million acres of land, but only 7 million acres are designated as a National Wilderness.,  The author tells us that the Refuge is home to 200 species of birds, both polar bears and grizzlies, wolves, moose, caribou, and many other animals.

Although the book sometimes bogs down in details of travel, I did enjoy reading this book, and enjoyed the pictures.  Marty leads an interesting life photographing animals around the world.  


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