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Book Review on a Blue Bike

on January 15, 2016

It’s Friday, so I am doing a book review on a book I just finished today!

The title is “Notes From a Blue Bike“, by Tsh Oxenreider.

I have been wanting to read this book a long time.  It was recommended by Ann Voskamp who wrote the foreword.  It is about a family with young kids trying to live intentionally.

Why read this book?  4 reasons —

1) Ann Voskamp recommended it.

2) Taking notes on a blue bike sounds tricky, and does anyone pedal a bike with a bell anymore?

3) A person with such a unique name (Tsh Oxenreider), must lead an interesting life.

4) I have been working on living more intentionally for a couple years now.  I could use some tips and ideas.  How about you?

I went to the library, and checked out this book, an actual print book.  Does anybody do that anymore?  Well, I do!   

I read the book in a few days.  Tsh (the author) talks about how she loves to travel, and so does her husband, and they even travel to other countries with their kids.  Brave right? They lived in Turkey a couple years.  They also lived in Texas, and Oregon.  They vacationed in Paris and Martha’s Vineyard.  No they are not rich.  They are frugal, live on a small budget, and are debt-free.  Interested in reading it now?

I enjoyed this book.  There were a few parts that were boring, but “I’m bored” is one of the chapters in the book, so Tsh has suggestions for dealing with that!  Mostly I was eager to keep picking it up to find out where else they traveled.

Tsh writes about the different places she lived and visited, and what she liked about each.  Her family loves traveling, so they save up money to go on trips.  This is something they do intentionally.  Yes, she does talk about how they live intentionally, and how they decided what their life would look like.

They choose a slower paced life, without debt, with kid friendly living quarters, and jobs that don’t require a specific location.  They write and earn money on the internet.  They tried home schooling.  They tried living in a small town.  They want to keep traveling, and they never want to stop learning new things.

This is a simple book, about a family that lives simply, on purpose.  I think you will enjoy reading it, and will learn some new things.  Although Tsh and her family have family values, and believe in God, this is not a Christian book.  This is a book for anyone with kids, who want to live more intentionally and more simply.

You can find Tsh at  You can find some of her books in a library, or click over to Amazon to see her author page.

Let me know what you think about this book, or suggest other books on intentional living, in the comments below.  I love hearing from readers!



6 responses to “Book Review on a Blue Bike

  1. Savurbks says:

    I have a read a Christian book on intention you may like, “Living with Intent”, by Mallika Chopra. Here is a link to my review: A very interesting concept I have been exploring a bit lately. Thanks for sharing!


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