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Giveaway and New Year’s Goals

on January 1, 2016

Ok, I have really exciting news!

Awhile ago I did a book review on “Make It Happen” by Lara Casey.  For 2016, she is blogging about this book (in 3 blog posts) and explaining how to use it to review last year 2015, and make goals for 2016.  The information on how to do this is FREE in her blog, so I will give you a link to find it. –But wait!

First you need to know that she is also having a BIG giveaway!  There are 41 individual prizes! That makes your odds of winning pretty good. You can boost the number of entries by spreading the word about her giveaway.  Here is the link to my original book review on “Make it Happen“, which is an amazing book!  I used it to help get my life organized and focused for that year. Now I am doing it again, with Lara’s book and her blog for 2016.

This is Not boring goals, this is exciting ways to live your life on purpose!

Now you can go to her blog and read how to get ready for 2016, and to enter the giveaway! Right here, Go! (Note: giveaway ends January 13)


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