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Book Review “Audacious” by Beth Moore

on October 30, 2015

Beth Moore gave a speech at Liberty University on the theme of this book.

After writing a vision statement on the subject of her speech, she decided to write this book.


Her vision statement is –

“To see all women come to know and audaciously love Jesus Christ.”

Then Beth proceeds to tell you about the love Jesus has for you, even beyond what you may think.

She tells you about her love for Jesus, which is amazingly audacious!

And she tells you how you can love Jesus audaciously, too.

After reading this book, I do actually love Jesus more.

And I am left with a desire to seek a more audacious love with Jesus.

This excerpt from the book explains what I mean —

There’s this fabulous scene in the Gospel of John where Jesus sends His disciples to town to grab some lunch, and He stays behind and meets a woman at a well. She’d been preoccupied for years, repeating the same relational cycle, filling up the same empty jar the same empty way, looking for the life she was longing for. We’re not told her name. It’s easier that way to give her ours. She had no idea that audacious love was staring her right in the face. He said four words to her that I think He wants to say to each of us: “If you only knew” (John 4:10a, NLT).  You. Not someone else you know. Not someone needier, less self-sufficient, gutsier or more religious. 

Jesus said, “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water” (John 4:10, NLT).

That’s what Jesus said. If you only knew what He has for you. 

Beth says, “If only you knew, your heart would be so swept up in audacious love that nothing could keep you from the life you were born to live.”

===> In my opinion, this is the best book ever written by Beth Moore!

(Note: I am not comparing to Bible studies, because that is a whole different type of writing. It would be hard to pick the best Bible study.  She has so many really good studies.)

You don’t want to miss this book!  Read “Audacious”!   

You could end up loving Jesus more than you ever thought possible.

This book is available for purchase from Lifeway and Amazon.

(Just so you know, I purchased this book myself.  I am choosing to do this review of the book, because I loved this book so much!  I was not required to write any review at all.  This is my gift to you, so you will know not to miss this book.  It could change your relationship with Jesus for the rest of your life!)


One response to “Book Review “Audacious” by Beth Moore

  1. […] Beth Moore – It is very difficult for me to pick a favorite of Beth’s books.  Beth is the first Christian Women’s author I read as a new Christian.  Beth is also the author of the first Bible study I ever did.  To say that Beth Moore influenced me does not describe what Beth has done in my life.  I learned how to be a Christian from her.  I learned so much about Jesus from her.  I saw the love of Jesus in her heart, and my love for Jesus grew.  I never knew how good a relationship with Jesus could be, until I got to know Beth through her books, her Bible studies, her blog … Beth got me to memorize Scripture on her blog.  I never could do it before, but Beth encouraged all of us blog readers, and I went right along and amazed myself that in one year I memorized 24 Scriptures!  So thank you, Beth!  Drumroll please!…….. My favorite Book by Beth Moore is “Audacious”! It is her newest book, and to me, it is her best. Of course, I wrote a book review! […]


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