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Book Review — Into the Magic Shop

on October 9, 2015

This is my book review of “Into the Magic Shop” by James R. Doty, MD

This book is a memoir written by a neurosurgeon,

so I expected it to be technical and difficult to understand.

Surprise!  It was easy and fun to read. 

There were only a couple sections of technical explanation about the brain.

I would not recommend this book for Christians.

The author does not believe in God.

Even though he is talking about spiritual things, he does not relate his story to God at all.

If you want to read this book as a self-help book, it can be useful.

I do not believe that this book is about magic, despite the title.

The techniques he learned from the woman at the magic shop,

are similar to prayer or meditation, but he sees it as both magic and science.

This is such a good true life story, fascinating to read.

It is disappointing that the author does not come to believe in God,

after all the things he experienced in his life.

He was protected throughout his life, despite not being well cared for by his parents.

He seems to believe that these techniques “saved” him.

He learned relaxation techniques, meditation, and visualization.

He explains each technique, how he learned it, and how he used it in his life.

The techniques he learned helped him get through school, and help him as a doctor today.

The author talks about the importance of using both your brain and your heart.

He says that your heart has intelligence,

and influences your brain, your emotions, and your choices.

He uses his life to explain why we should not

go through life making our decisions from only the brain.

He lived his life that way, and things went well for a while, but then fell apart.

He later finds his heart, and uses it to change his life.

He says that he found only one way to get happiness from wealth, to give it away.

If you have too much stress in your life, or your thoughts are scattered not focused,

or you have lots of negative thoughts about yourself,

then you could learn a lot of helpful ways to improve your life, both emotionally and physically.

These self-help techniques could help reduce your fear, anxiety, and worry.

My only criticism of this book, is that God is left out of the story.

It is a book about the author’s life, and his thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes,

yet I do believe that God was involved in his life,  but he chose not to believe.

He says he now lives with compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, humility, integrity, and kindness.

This sounds very similar to what the Bible teaches.

The author believes that the heart changes everything.

I would say that the heart is a physical organ that beats to keep us alive,

but the heart that changes everything, is actually God.

(I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, in order to write a review.  The opinions are my own.)


2 responses to “Book Review — Into the Magic Shop

  1. John says:

    Well people don’t see god in the same way. That was not god for him. That was for you. He helped himself not god.


  2. You are right that people do not see God in the same way. But some people do not see God even when God is working in their life. To me that is sad. I still enjoyed reading this book! It has good ideas and principles, and his life is interesting to read about. Thanks for visiting my blog and telling me your insights.


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