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How Can We Help Refugees ?

on September 6, 2015

There are so many refugees seeking a new place to call home,

so many wars causing people to flee to other countries for safety.

This year, the greatest numbers of refugees are from Syria,

like the family whose child was found dead on the beach.

There are also large numbers of refugees from Russia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Wars are sending people out of their homeland, looking for peace and safety.

Germany alone expects 800,000 refugees to seek asylum there this year.

One group or person cannot solve this problem, not even the Pope.

It is now up to the countries nearby in Europe,

but we know that national governments are not the most caring.

They have too much red tape, and move slowly,

preventing many refugees from living anywhere but a camp.

These camps are not a safe home.

Who can solve this problem?  Only God knows.

That is why, I am proposing that we pray for the refugees.

—> Pray for what you would want if you had to flee your home,

and travel to a new country to find safety.

Do not think that prayer is a weak solution.

Prayer is powerful!  Prayer can change lives!  I have seen it work.

Many people praying are a strong force of change!

On Monday evening, September 14, thousands of women are going to pray.

Won’t you join us?

The night is called IF:Pray.

The groups gathering to pray are for women, but men could pray at home,

or in their own groups.

You can find a women’s prayer group near you on this map.

(I will be at the IF:Pray Tomoka event in Ormond Beach, Florida.)

Also the event can be livestreamed from IF:Pray in Orlando, Florida.

Watch it at on September 14th at 8pm EST.

For more information about IF:Pray, go here.

If you believe that God is powerful;

If you believe that God can do miracles,

Then pray!

Pray that the refugees find a safe place for their families to live.

Pray that governments find a fair way to settle refugees

in the countries that can afford to assimilate them,

like Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, England and Sweden.

Pray that caring families will help them settle in these countries,

welcoming them in their churches , providing food, and helping them find a job.

Pray for generosity to the refugees.

Perhaps the refugee situation will urge people to care.

Something needs to make us care for the weak, the lost, the persecuted.

We all can be part of the solution.

If you are still saying, “I Want To Help More!”

you can read this blog post from Ann Voskamp,

listing charities that are helping refugees.

I will continue to pray until refugees are safe.  Let us pray –

Father God, as your children, we have come to ask for a favor.

This is not a small favor, but we know that you are bigger than any problem.

We have seen and heard about people who have no safe place to live.

Thousands of these people have died trying to find a safe place.

Please bring them to a safe place to live.

God, would you bless them with peace?  Would you give them shelter?

Would you bring them food, and water and clothes?

This need is heavy on my heart God, and I think this is a problem that only you can solve.

These refugees are so desperate that they risk their lives and the lives of their children,

trying to get to a safe place.  Please protect them in their travels.

Please put caring people along their way, to help them.

Hear their cries for help, God!  Hear our cries asking you to help them.

There is no true God but you.  We have no one else to turn to.

Please God help them.  And yes, LORD, I will help if you show me what to do.

And I will keep praying for them, until they are all safe.

Thank you, Father God, for hearing my prayer.

Please grant me this favor that I ask for these strangers, these refugees.

I know you will find ways to answer my prayer.

I wait in expectation of your answer, because I know you are a loving God.



2 responses to “How Can We Help Refugees ?

  1. hopeful50 says:

    Janet, returning the visit! I blogged a week or so ago “we all just want to go home” – you might enjoy it – about the refugees, etc. I believe our actions MUST BE bathed in prayer.


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