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Book Review on Anything

on August 9, 2015

This is a book review of “Anything”.

That does sound weird right?

A review about what?  “Anything.”

Anything means “fill in the blank”, right?

Well the book’s name is “Anything”,

and it is about promising God that we would do anything,

which means that God gets to “fill in the blank”, not us.

Janet PicLookForLight AnnV

I just finished reading this book.

Actually I just finished reading, studying, and praying this book.

This book is a bit different from most books.

This book can change your life.

It can change the way you pray.

It can link you up with a network, a movement,

of other people who promised God to do “anything”.

The author of “Anything” is Jennie Allen,

and she promised God she would do anything.

She had an extra bedroom in her home,

and she said “God, you can do anything with that bedroom”.

God said, “Adopt a boy from Rwanda.”

So she did.

See how that fill in the blank part works?

See how that could change your life?

This book is more than a story about Jennie Allen’s life.

This book is an invitation to change your life.

This book is an invitation to join the ranks of the risk takers,

those who pray the “anything” prayer.

This book is an invitation to give God control over your life.

Scary, right?

The book walks you through all that.

Each chapter gives you another piece that you need,

like how to abandon shame, abandon fear, abandon the need for approval,

and overcoming doubts, how to fight brave, finding freedom…

Step by step, Jennie walks you through the process, and shows you how to do this.

She talks about how this process looked in her life,

but she takes you in her hands, a little bird with a fast beating heart,

and she comforts you,

and encourages you,

points you in the right direction,

and then she lifts you into the air so you can fly!

Do you want to fly?

Then you need to read this book, and work through the steps,

and by the end, you will be soaring!

God won’t let you down.

He knows the best way to fill in the blank for you.

You were meant to do so much more than what you are doing today.

If you want to see what “anything” God filled in for other people,

go to

If you finish the book, and pray “I promise anything, God”,

then you can leave your story on that website, too,

so you can encourage others to do the same.

My anything is still unfolding,

but right now I am planning a prayer event at my local church.

God is telling me to pray.

What will God tell you to do?

It could be “anything”.

Go for it!

For links to places you can buy the book,

Go to

To see more about it on twitter, check out  #WhatIsYourAnything


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