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Book Review — Finding Roses in the Dust

on August 2, 2015

This is my book review of “Finding Roses in the Dust” by Erin Brynn.

This book was so interesting I did not want to stop reading.

Yet, this book had deep insights about different cultures, and about Christians and Muslims,

how they are different, and how they are similar.

The author, her husband and two of her children left the United States

to live in Afghanistan for one year.

This is a wonderfully interesting book about the people of Afghanistan!

If you want to know the truth about Afghanistan’s people, then read this book!

Erin tells us how the people think, dress, live each day, and how they celebrate.

This book was eye opening to me.  I learned so much about Afghanistan’s culture and beliefs! 

I also learned how war has changed the people.

They live in fear and distrust, and many of the buildings have been severely damaged.

They need peace, and they need to be taught new ways,

which is why Erin’s husband was there,

to teach doctors and hospitals new and better ways to do their jobs.

If you want to know about the life of missionaries living in a poor Muslim country,

then you also will find much interesting information in this book,

although technically Erin’s family are not missionaries. 

Erin’s husband was there to work as a doctor, and Erin did some teaching.

Their children went to school there.

They influenced people only as co-workers and neighbors and friends.

While living in Afghanistan, Erin’s family experienced so many different events,

and had many problems, and some successes.

They experienced an Afghan wedding, and the shock of bombings,

the atmosphere of fear with armed guards, and shopping at the local markets.

She tells their story in the most interesting way,

as writing letters to a dear friend. 

This makes the book very readable, and gives so much personal insight to each event. 

She also explains the plight of the Afghan people,

and why they desperately need our help.

If you are a Christian, and want to grow in your faith,

then this book will be amazing for you! 

I was excited by what I learned about being a Christian,

and how to help people from other countries.

I definitely will be more involved in helping with missionaries and mission trips.

The only person, who should not read this book,

is one with a closed mind, who does not want to learn new things. 

This book will definitely change the way you see the world,

and especially how you feel about Afghanistan’s people.

With this book, Erin made me want to become friends with her,

so I could learn more.  I think she would be very interesting to talk with,

and she would be a good friend to challenge me to do more as a Christian.

Near the end of this book, she left me, the reader,

with a challenge, and I think it is why God showed me this book to read. 

She tells about her experience with prayers that change lives.

She challenges me, and other Christians (including Catholics), or anyone who prays,

to pray for countries like Afghanistan, and their people, to find the truth of Jesus.  

She explained that it is very hard for anyone from a country like the U.S.,

to go to a country like Afghanistan. 

Their religion is very protective,

and does not want other teachings and influences to come into the country. 

— Prayer, however, can go anywhere! —

I will be praying like she describes in her book.

I will not ignore her plea for prayers,

and I hope after you read this book, you will not ignore her message either. 

Yes, roses do grow in Afghanistan!

See Amazon to purchase the book, or read a portion for free.

(I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, through booklook bloggers, but
my opinions are my own.)


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