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Prayer Should Not Be Boring

on July 19, 2015

Prayer should not be boring!

If your prayers are boring,

or if you don’t take time to pray, because you think prayer is boring –

Read this! –

Prayer changes our lives.

I firmly believe this.


Because I have seen how God answers prayers,

beyond what we asked or even imagined!


Finding my husband-to-be in a most unlikely place, after praying for months,

and he was everything I prayed for, and more!

We have been happily married for 15 years now.

Finding a group of ladies in a Christian Bible study group 1,000 miles away,

after praying for Christian friends for several years,

and I am still in that group 10 years later, and have been greatly blessed

through their prayers and friendship.

Finding a home in 1 day, when a hurricane was approaching,

in a new town 1,000 miles away,

and we rode out our 1st hurricane safely and completely dry inside,

because God knew from our prayers that we needed a place to live, now!

Finding a specialist doctor who wanted to go for a cure,

after my current doctor had given up on me,

after praying for healing ,

and now I am cancer free for 4 years!

There is more I could tell you about prayers answered for me,

and for family, for friends,

and ministers at our church where we are members.

Prayer changes lives!

If you haven’t seen this in your life,

then you need to give your prayer life some power!

I highly recommend you read the book by Mark Batterson,

 The Circle Maker.

I found it at the public library, but today, until July 20,

you can get the paperback copy for only $5!

the link to buy it –

Circle Maker at Faith Gateway

I pray that you see this post soon enough to get this book at this greatly discounted price,

or you can find it at a library, or a second hand store. I pray that you will read this book.

This book will show you how to pray with faith, and with boldness,

to get answers that will change your life!

Mark Batterson says that God loves showing up in unexpected ways at unexpected times!

Mark says — It may seem like God is nowhere to be seen, but maybe God is setting the stage for a miracle.       This I know for sure: He’s ready to make His grand entrance.   All He is waiting for is your prayer.

Don’t wait to change your life.

Read this book.  Then pray like you have never prayed before!

I get absolutely nothing from recommending this book,

except spreading the information about praying boldly,

For God’s glory!


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