Following God One Step at a Time


on June 28, 2015

Is today going as you intended?

Have you checked off more than 1 thing on your “To Do list”?

Or has your day been a bunch of distractions and wanderings?

Have you wasted time gabbing on the phone,

or watching videos on YouTube or Facebook?

At the end of each day, have you felt disappointed?

Do you wonder “where did the day go”?

I have!

So, I am trying to bring myself back to what I intended to do.

My intention for this year, was to start each day with prayer.

I did fine at first, but after a few months,

I found myself near the end of the day,

and I had not prayed, more than a sentence or two all day.

My intention for this year, was to be encouraging to people.

I started out encouraging a lot!

I was really enjoying it,

because I found that by encouraging others,

I felt encouraged too, and that gave me joy!

You would think that since being encouraging to others is a win-win kind of thing,

that I would find that one easy to continue.

Nope.  I gradually lost motivation, and stopped.

Well, except for a nice blog comment here and there.

So, ½-way through the year,

I am now trying to turn myself around,

back to my original intent for this year.

I could moan about it already being ½-way through the year,

and feeling like I haven’t accomplished much,

but I have actually accomplished a lot,

just not what I intended.

I am doing the Bible study “Anything” by Jennie Allen.

I have read several good Christian books,

like “Unoffendable” by Brant Hansen,

and “The Day I Met Jesus” by Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth.

I took a trip home, ½-way across the country, to visit family.

I have done some good things,

I just haven’t done everything I intended.

My intentions are good, I just have a follow through problem.

Going to Webster’s Dictionary, I find part of my problem.

I don’t really understand what “intended” means.

“Intended” means to be planned for the future, not actually doing it.

I thought it was something I wanted to do now, today.

“Intend” means to have a plan in mind.

Now that is more what I was thinking,

having a plan in mind, and following it.

“Intention” means the plan of action.

I think I forgot to make a plan of action.

This would explain how my plan got lost along the way.

“Intent” is the purpose or goal.

So, my “To Do list” was my list of goals.

I had a plan in mind, such as I intend to pray each morning,

and I intend to be encouraging.

Then, since I “intended” them to be done in some future time during this year,

I never wrote a plan of action, a way to accomplish my goals.

I left it up to mood, or whimsy, or nudges of guilt.

So now I know that I need an “intention” for each goal,

which would be my “plan of action”.

I wish I would have realized this 6 months ago,

but I can’t go back and do it,

so I just need to go forward from here.

My next step on reaching my goals,

is writing a plan of action.

That will have to wait for another day,

since this blog post is too long already.

How about you?

Do you need a plan of action for your goals?

(If you want more information on the books I mentioned in this post, the links are below.)

Anything by Jennie Allen

The Day I Met Jesus by Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth

Unoffendable by Brant Hansen and Unoffendable 2nd link


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