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Book Review of “Unoffendable”

on June 19, 2015

This is my book review of “Unoffendable”, by Brant Hansen.

I agree with the premise of this author,

that Christians should not get offended.

Being offended causes anger.

As James says in Chapter 1:19-20, “…everyone should be quick to listen,

slow to speak and slow to become angry, because our anger

does not produce the righteousness that God desires”.

The author says that he used to think that Christians were supposed to get offended.

When Christians would get angry about certain offensive actions by others,

we called it “righteous anger”.

The author points out that, we are not capable of righteousness,

only God is truly righteous.

Now Mr. Hansen says he believes that Christians should NOT be offended.

In fact, he says that Christians should DECIDE NOT to get offended.

We actually show a more Christian attitude by not getting offended.

Instead of anger, we should show forgiveness, love, and patience.

Why does he say this?  His reason is that we all sin and make mistakes.

If we are offended by someone’s lie, we also have lied at one time or another.

He refers to when Jesus tells an angry crowd,

“Let him without sin, throw the first stone.”

No stones are thrown that day. (Refer to John 8:7-11.)

Now the title of this book, “Unoffendable”, is not even a word.

I could get offended by that, because it makes Christians appear stupid,

and I could complain to him by email and rant about it on Facebook,

but I choose not to get offended.

I like not getting offended.

It gives me peace and calmness, and helps me think more clearly.

Brant Hansen says that if we get angry, that does not change the other person’s behavior.

We can only change people through love and forgiveness,

and I would add education.

The author also points out, that if we get offended and angry a lot,

we use up a lot of time and energy.

We could use that time and energy for better things,

like helping the poor, or going to a Bible study, or doing fun things with our family.

In fact, we can get a lot more good Christian things done,

If we choose NOT to get offended.

This book will challenge your thinking,

and you just might find yourself getting angry less often.

Now that is a good reason to read a book!

(I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers,

so I could write a review.  The opinions are my own.)


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